2KR FBS Review



I’m going to be reviewing a 2KR FBS Pro complete that I’ve been riding for just about over a month. Before I made my 2KR purchase, I found it difficult to find an in-depth review on their fingerboard products. I read a nice thorough review of the trucks on @simpledecks.co’s Instagram, but I couldn’t find much anywhere else in regards to the other parts they sell and their general performance. The pictures I’m including feature my OG Joycolt Blems on the setup, but I did vigorously test the 2KR wheels on one of my other setups (the red Pro 2KR wheels matched my FlatFace G15’s plies much better). You’ll also see different bushings in each of my pictures, as I switched out the originals when testing different bushing types.

Shipping and Price

2KR is run out of Slovakia. I placed my order on 1/8/18 and 2KR marked my order as shipped on 1/15/18. This was expected, as there was a 7-day availability warning on the product listing. Then it took just over 2 weeks to travel to the USA. I was content with the wait time and I experienced no issues with the shipping process at all.

My complete of choice was the PRO 32D/32T “A Horse” design. It was listed as 52,00 € on their website. The parts, if ordered individually, would have been 9,00 € for the wheels, 16,00 € for the deck, and 33,90 € for the trucks. I thought the 6.90 € savings was pretty decent. The parts did not come preassembled and they were individually wrapped very nicely.

The Wheels

I won’t go too in-depth on the 2KR Pro wheels, but I will say that they roll really smooth. They sound a little whiny with enough pressure applied, but they roll far and look nice. I was expecting them to be urethane for some reason, but I don’t think they are. They’re definitely really hard and slide around easily. They might be shaped by CNC and they feel like generic China wheels that you would find on eBay or Amazon. They have a “street shape” look to them though, which is nice.

The Griptape

I won’t go into detail about the griptape either, as I’m pretty sure it’s China tape. I have a stack of CHape that I ordered off eBay and it looks and feels the same. I like China tape, so this isn’t a bad thing, but I felt it was something to mention.

The Deck

The deck itself was much wider than advertised on the website. The full complete was described as 32mm wide, but I think the deck is actually closer to 34mm. This didn’t disappoint me too much, as I was already used to riding my 33.6mm FlatFace G15, but I do like the feeling of 32mm a bit more.

The concave is comfortable for me. The nose and tail aren’t too low and there are some good pockets throughout the board. The veneer reminded me of what I’ve seen in P-REP, where the weight is very light and the edges were a little rough here and there. The size and angles of the nose and tail are similar to that of real skateboards.

I thought the graphic was cool, but there was some slight pixelation around the edges of the smaller images. When I was wearing down the graphic, a thin clear film started to peel from the points of contact, almost like a sticker would. This happened fairly quickly when sliding on cement obstacles (Wired Ramps). As the colors also peeled away, a white base layer was left behind. That base layer seemed to scratch off more like a real-wear graphic.

The Trucks

I think Simple’s Instagram review was killer, so I’ll advise you to read his post if you’re interested in some vast imagery and physical comparisons. The trucks have custom, single-axle hangers and are paired with China base plates. The hanger material is 32mm, but the axle actually extends out to around 34mm. The longer threads on the axle also allow for both single and dual-bearing support.

The base plates are built exactly like Broken Knuckle’s and come pre-tuned with o-ring bushings and clear pivot cup material. The hangers look and perform a lot like Dynamic trucks, only the 2KR material is a lot smoother and less matte.

The trucks perform very well and grind super smooth, but I do have one gripe with them. If you use any bushings other than o-rings, the kingpin lock nut will rise slightly above the hanger. I switched out the original kingpin nuts with Blackriver nuts, which are a fraction thinner than the 2KR ones, and that helped reduce the height a bit. However, I ended up using old Blackriver bushings in the end because they were squished enough to fit in the hanger and were softer than the included o-rings.


I really like the 2KR Pro complete. The deck and wheels are light and shapely if you’re into that. The truck hangers are built solid and have a nice grind. I like how the truck axles can probably be converted to different widths (with the help of bearing spacers for single-bearing wheels) and generally support all wheel types. I personally like my setups to be more on the heavy side and a little thinner, but I think a 2KR Pro complete is worth it for the price. You could say that P-REP completes are also better options for their prices, but I feel 2KR’s custom single-axle truck hangers are the selling point in this product.

I hope this review is helpful for those who were as curious about 2KR as I was!


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