94mm decks


Hi guys, after testing a couple of decks, I think I finally found a size that fits me. I’m using a FiveLuck deck 33,5x94 at the moment and I’ve been very fond of it.

I was wondering if there are any other companies that make these size of decks? I know that Unique has the Hatching size, which are almost the same, but I can’t find a deck that I like except on the Unique website, but the shipping to Germany is so expensive.

Let me know if you know any companies that are making these kind of decks, so I can check them out :smiley:




You can buy Unique decks at FBS. Shipping within Germany isn’t that expensive. :wink:
The Cowply Collab is available as Hatchling.

It’s hard to find any decks in that size. I don’t know of any other brands making decks that short.


Check out staytoonedfb on insta

He actually makes decks even shorter than what you’re wanting so can likely help you out! Unsure on the shipping portion though :sweat:


To be honest, I’ve never bought a deck that small, I typically end up sanding my decks down to that size at some point or another.


Diverse decks make one called the mini cruiser 33.25x93.75