A place for Grip Jobs


I know this is a place to post grip jobs but I have a question. I put the tape on first and then the trucks, however the screws look so stupid because they just sunk into the grip, and tips?


try to create holes, where the screws go, with the screwdriver site of your tool or a bigger screwdriver for example. its what I do


I find it helps to remove the trucks after a day and remount them.


I know this isn’t very fancy… but I did it in like 2 minutes flat while at work. Lol
I’m not a grip gap connoisseur myself… but I had to do it with this deck to show off the amazing top ply graphic fromfrom @McFiver


Grip gap too big… fixed it. Now he’s in Jail. Lol @McFiver


Epic grip job bro


One I did last night


Man! This is pure gold! I love it!!!



That looks sick!! Simple always looks the best I find!