A small thread of my over 10 years old fingerboard collection


What’s up, hope I’m posting this in the right place. I haven’t been on fingerflipinc in over 10 years. I was 12-13 at the time and back then this site was invite-only so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get into my old account (and I couldn’t) but looks like it’s not invite only anymore so I made a new account.

A very brief summary on my experience here, I ran a modest fingerboard truck company called Radio Trucks (highly doubt anyone here remembers it lol) but I had a decent team under me and made a decent product for the time, I was just very young and was in no way ready to run a company of any size lol.

Anyways I’ve always kept up with my fingerboarding on an off these past 10 years but am just wanting to really get back into it now. But seeing as all my boards and ramps are the same ones I used over 10 years ago, more like 13-14 years probably, I thought it would be fun to make a thread of my very old fingerboard stuff lol.

I’m cleaning out some of my storage and finding these so I’ll find more later today and post more pics. Doubt anyone cares too much but I thought it’d be kinda fun either way.

To start with this is my black river ramps half pipe, adorned with stickers from Berlin wood, home wood, nollie wheels, my radio trucks stickers and OF COURSE the priority mail sticker that I saw on EVERY fingerboarders ramps in their videos so of course my 13 year old self just HAD to find those same stickers lol.

Next thing I’m hoping to find is my actual fingerboard, I had a no comply board with the bottom ply of the board being some type of plastic (I know this type of board has a name but I can’t remember), some Flat Face wheels, radio trucks, and the same FBS Foam tape that I put on it back in, what 2009 somewhere around there? Yeah the tape is like barely even still on there several holes in the foam from wearing it so down over the years, the foam has long lost all its grip. Should find that and some more Ramps and stuff to post in the next hour or so.

(Didn’t realize new users could only post 2 pics at once so I’ll post more in the reply’s as I find them. If an admin finds this thread is in the wrong place or just isn’t worth a post feel free to delete)