The old FFI had a bunch of golden threads and guides. Is there a chance we’ll be able to revisit them anytime soon without having to use the Wayback machine?


Unfortunately I do not have the database for the old FFI :confused:


That access would have been so sick, but looks like we just need to replenish the old goodness with new!


So, I talked to @nathan.thompson and he may have a backup of the database on his harddrive. If he does, then I will attempt to either:

A) Import the old forum into this platform under an Archives section
B) Create a separate Read-Only forum built on the original forum software (SimpleMachines Forum)

I’m kind of leaning towards B because it’s simpler for me to do!


Dude i really do hope you can gain access to the old database, it would be beyond useful to use for that series I’m working on!