Back after a 6 yrs break


It’s been a while. I was active on the old page with the same username until 2012. Now I’m back here and I’m just impressed by all the new products and in which direction the scene went, but also a bit sad about finding out that a few of my favorite companies products are discontinued or even not longer existing. Back in the days I only had 29mm popsicle setup, straight BRT‘s and Winklers but now there is a lot more available and you find shapes for actually adult hands :smiley: nah I’m joking, I definitely wanna try a few of the new wider shapes but for now I will stick to one of my old Setups. One of my all time favorites, the Kura Street by Prete Decks. It’s not in it‘s best shape but still a beauty.

I cleaned it up so you can see the awesome top ply. Just need a new pair of trucks and wheels and then I’m ready to go :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy your Sunday!
Greetings Jonas


Welcome back Jonas! Great to see you around :slight_smile: I remember the old forum. I wish it was still around :grumps:


Yess me too!