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Hey ladies and gents, you know who this is, Onkel Urban back at it again with another review, and so far I can say it will be the last one. Quite a while ago, I started texting with Chris Dunlop of „Beastpants“ and came to a conclusion that I should review a deck. Thanks for that Chris! If you haven’t seen anything of Beastpants’ yet, get your head out of your arse and take a look at them because that shit is fire. Once again, thanks Chris for sending the deck and all the extra stickers and stuff!

The deck I got is one of the „Thrashwear” graphics showing a shark. Make up your own mind and take a look at the graphic. The deck is in the feral shape and in the size of: 33,5mm wide and 98mm long. It’s a pretty low shape. Short tail short nose. Overall the deck feels short, but that’s actually pretty fun. 5 plies of Wood, nice grain veneer at the bottom. The graphic is perfectly done with the heat transfer system, nothing bad to point out here.

The craftsmanship, well I did expect something better to be honest. I talked about it with Chris already and he knows what I will point out. The drilling holes are ok but one of them was crooked. Countersinks were not as beautiful as I thought they would be.

They work but they do not look so nice. The sand is overall okay, does its job. The deck itself is pressed well, I would tell quite a lot of weight on it.

A cool detail is the top ply stamp which always tells you which shape it is.

The packaging is basic. A folded piece of paper and the deck is in a plastic bag. Does work for me and it also includes some information on he back of the packaging which I personally really love.

Craftmanship: 6 /10
Design & Graphic: 8 /10
Packaging: 5 /10
Shape: 8 /10
– 6,75 –

Overall Ranking
WoW Fingerboards – 8.25 Pt.
Galaxy of Flowers Fingerboards – 8.25 Pt.
Beastpants Fingerboards – 6.75 Pt.
Systeam Fingerboards – 6.75 Pt.
Nature FIngerboards – 6.25 Pt.
Hütte35 – 5.00 Pt.

I think it’s a solid result for Beastpants. The split plies are the real shizzle if you haven’t checked them out you should!

Check Beastpants on :
►Instagram: @Beast_pants

Btw. Beastpants is also hosting FB Events! So, if you are from the Cali Area in the US, I think you should better keep your eyes open!

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!

Cheers guys

Onkel Urban

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MORE PICTURES :slight_smile:


Not what id have expected.


Thanks man. Always wondered about them. I gotta read all your reviews now this is great!


What did you expect?


Thank you! I appreciate that :slight_smile:Feel free to Respond to my reviews :slight_smile: I would like to know your thoughts :slight_smile:


I think what strikes me as odd is the holes. I really did expect a more “caring” look to them.