Camera Suggestions?


Hello Everyone,

I’m currently looking for some camera suggestions; I’d really like to get something that captures fingerboarding well. I’m budgeting myself around the $1000 range and plan on picking up some interchangeable lenses.

Any suggestions and/or video of fingerboarders using the suggested cameras would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: This may sound typical, but I’m very interested in capturing a video quality similar to Mike Schneider’s. His about page on YouYube says he’s using a Panasonic Gh2, but I’m not sure if that’s still currently the camera he is using.


Mike Schneider is Using the GH5,
Im using the Panasonic GH4 and I love the Camera but I will probably change soon to a Fullframe camera.

I would recommend a Canon like a 700D or smth.


@Onkel_Urban Thank you for the suggestion. What do you prefer about the Canon 700D in comparison to the Panasonic GH4?


GH4 is recommended if you have a decent budget - it’s quite pricey compared to the 700D


first of all,
Panasonic Lenses are super expensive,
the camera is expensive.
Canon is not as pricy as panasonic.
Just look at your budget and think what you cant afford.
you need battery, maybe SD cards, maybe a Tripod and stuff.


Thank you for the input guys :slight_smile:

I’m really leaning towards a GH4. Can anyone recommend a fisheye lens and perhaps editing software?

@Onkel_Urban Very much enjoying your channel! Would this video be your GH4? What fisheye and editing software are you using?


Yeah I shot that video with my GH4,
I used a Walimax 8mm Fisheye for that.
I use Premiere Pro for Editing


Lumig G7 (newer and cheaper than GH4). You have tons of cheap M43 lenses to choose from.