Can someone please explain cores?


Can somebody please explain the purpose of cores to me? Maybe I’m just getting old, but spending $50 on some duros then removing the outer layer, well, it befuddles me :man_shrugging:
Any insights or opinions would be greatly appreciated, I might just be missing out on the greatest thing since wooden decks.


A few things:

  1. It’s a good way for companies to collab on wheels.

  2. Great way to add some cool color variations for more unique wheels.

  3. Not very useful besides that. The durometer of the inside “core” makes no difference.

Also why are you removing the outter layer? im a bit confused by that.


I’ve seen people removing the outer layer too in attempt to get smaller wheels…seems like a waste imo


Thanks Cory. I understand what duros are, I have 4 sets currently and think they’re great. It’s the concept of ‘cores’ that confuses me. I keep seeing peeps on insta hyping over them, thus the post/thread. Cheers anyway bro


These are ‘cores’
I know what they are.
I know where they come from.
I just want to know why people are doing this?

(These pictures were taken from the Internet)


Ohhhhh I see, lmao okay this is news to me haha, I think I am now equally as confused as you. If I had to guess I would say these people AREN’T just buying duros and then removing the outter layer to get cores right away. I would imagine that they have use them maybe outdoors and thrashed them and then converted to cores. If they are actually buying duros JUST to remove the outter layer then that is very weird haha.


I could be wrong here, but the way most people post and write about them now makes me feel like it’s turned into a fad or a trend more than the original reason why people do it.

Supposedly the FlatFace Dual Durometer core itself feels and rides a lot better than with its outer layer attached. That and I see a lot of talk about issues with the cores slipping out of the center after a while, so I’m sure people just end up just taking the core out completely.

That’s just based on some comments and things I’ve seen posted around about the core trend. They also say you should only be coring the regular FlatFaces and to strictly avoid coring any other dual durometer wheel, including the FFxOak collaborations and Cartwheels.


Thanks for the response bro :facepunch: