Carbon Fiber Plies



I was just wondering what the allure was in regards to carbon fiber fingerboard decks. I’ve been seeing a lot of companies using carbon fiber for cross plies and top/bottom plies - is this just for aesthetics, or is there another reason why everyone likes them so much?


Hey! I definitely see what you mean, I’ve been seeing a lot as well. My sponsor sent me a deck with a carbon bottom ply several months ago and I can tell you it’s not just aesthetics. It legitimately feels ridiculously solid and the pop hasn’t changed one bit on it! I believe that’s one of the benefits of using it because it gives the deck a longer lifetime and better performance. Try one out and you’ll see what I mean :slight_smile:


Carbon Fiber plies give you more pop to your fingerboard! If you haven’t tried one, definitely go get one.


Cool, thanks! Maybe one day I’ll give one a try. I’ve been hesitant because most of the carbon bottoms I’ve seen look so heavily-lacquered that I presumed they would feel too much like plastic when sliding. My G15 felt that way at first due to how thick the lacquer was before I shredded it down.


I wonder how people press Carbon fiber plies. All the stuff I can find is not formable.