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- Written and Photographed by @Onkel_Urban -

Hey Folks,
time for another review, right?
Today, I wanna talk about Cartwheels.
They are mostly know for their dual bearing wheels which are quite colourful.
I know they will announce single bearing wheels some time soon, too.

Before I dive into details lets talk about some history.
Cartwheels is a company based in the United Kingdom.
Simon started doing wheels back in 2011 before FF dual core were a thing. He had this idea of doing something original but at the time it was very hard for him to do the cored wheels.

History done for today lets talk about details.
height: 8mm
width: 5,5mm
material : Nylon
Bearing system: dual bearing centered

Cores can be removed and changed with other cartwheel cores.
Yep you heard right you can actually take out the core. It was super scary when that happened to me by accident because I thought, I just broke my wheels but thats on purpose. So it’s basically made out of 3 pieces. You can swap the colours, too, if you own more then just one pair of them.
I think the idea is pretty cool, huh?

The wheel is quite big and wide, but overall solid. Reminds me more of a bowl wheel then a street wheel or something like that. The material is actually nylon. I was kinda surprised, because I thought its some hard urethane, but apparently it’s nylon. It is grippy on for example wooden surfaces but smooth and slippy on flat surfaces.
The performance is good, can’t deny that. The wheels roll smoothly and do not egg or wobble.
Also the material is not that catchy to grab a lot of dirt. Other wheels’ brands have this, let’s call it a „problem“, but I don’t mind that.
The overall material is good, but some spots have some leftover flakes from turning the wheel, I guess. It didn’t bother me too much but I thought I’d mention that.

Im glad to have a pair of those wheels, they are kind of unique and absolutely lovable.
Im overall happy with those wheels and recommend you guys to try them out if you have a chance. Shoutout to Simon for hooking me up ( JFYI I paid the wheels ).

Hope you guys enjoyed this review, let me know what your favorite wheels are or how they should be?

Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban.

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I’ve been watching and waiting for them to do single bearing, finally said I’ll take dual, and the site is all sold out :joy: I bet single bearing are coming sooner than later…


They do, im sure about that :slight_smile:


Thanks so much man. A really well written and thought out review with some of the best Cartwheels photos ever!

Thank you, Onk!


I whole heartly agree with these opinions, cartwheels defiantly do not disappoint :pray:t2:


Fun fact; Flatface Dual Duro’s were released before Cartwheels. Hmm.


I agree, i know it took simon alot of time until he figured how to do them properly


First off, I want to say I love your reviews! Keep up the great work! Second, I wanted ask how these wheels sound compared to a urethane or plastic wheel?



Thank you! I appreciate that!
The Sound huh?
So on a Flat Surface they are kinda noisy. Not as noisy as for example Winkler Wheels or Flatface wheels, but they have a certain amount of noise.