Yo guys! Vlad from Catfishbbq here. I’m based out of Southern California, and have been running this brand since 2014! I started making decks in highschool in my parents garage, but have since been lucky enough to grow my passion project into my full time job. I’m always working on something new, so be sure to check back regularly for all sorts of cool stuff.

Going to be posting all sorts of Catfishbbq news here. Stock updates, behind the scenes, sneak peeks, etc.

Check out our website:

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Just in time for the revival a large part of fingerboard history, I have some 29mm Catfishbbq decks in stock on! This is a 24 hour preorder window, and after this I likely wont be making 29mm decks for the foreseeable future! Don’t miss out!
If you haven’t seen my work on instagram, we make high quality fingerboards with genuine skateboard transfer graphics for the best, most realistic wear possible! Check them out, thanks yo!


Your decks look awesome! I’m looking forward to more updates from Catfishbbq :cat:


Glad you like them! Also Id like to personally thank you for bringing back the forum. I started fingerboarding during the downfall of the first one, so Im beyond stoked to be able to contribute this time around! Shoot me a message if you need any help, always down!


hell yea vlad


i have a 34 mm and it is amazing


Great decks and great quality!


High key your decks got me back into fingerboarding over the winter. I was so stoked on them it forced me to start back up. Thanks man!


Catfishbbq decks are superb. I reall like the mix of graphic prints and colored bottom plies. Did allready two reviews:

And if anyone is interested in a shape comparision, just check this out over here:

I really like the artworks you´re doing and I´m hyped on whats next!


Thanks for posting these Martin!

I’m going to add a Review section to the site :slight_smile: