Chems fb


Have you tried Chems Fb 3D printed or wooden boards? There restock for just 3D printed boars (i believe) is on March 16th! Was wondering what your thoughts were on them?


Getting my 3rd one on the 16th :joy:

I’m going to do a video review soon, I have 2 so far, pop and square shape in the Mid mold. They are heavier than a wood deck, and also a slightly shorter wheel base. The pop is no joke either. Going to try out a low if he has them.


Stoked to get mine too! Going to try the square wide shape out.


Im about to write an comprehensiv review about the decks :slight_smile:


Definitely following this for sure. I was also searching similar and end up on this forum. Also, Hi! I am new to this forum. Would like to learn and share a lot things in the future.