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Yo Guys!:wave:
Community is what makes fingerboarding unique. We come from so many different countries, backgrounds and cultures. We’re individuals getting brought together by one single act and that’s what unifies us. So since this forum is getting pretty big, I was wondering where all of you come from and what fingerboarding is like there?

Well I’m from Denmark which is a very little country, so when there’s contests or meetups, there’s people from everywhere. To share fingerboarding with Denmark, there was made an instagram called FingerboardDenmark. There was made giveaways, shoutouts, meetups, contest and a lot of things which made people gravitate towards fingerboarding. We are still a very small group of fingerboarders but we’re like a family that’s always growing.


Hey @Frederikskate ! Thanks for your Post, Great Topic idea!

Im from germany, to be honest the good old days are gone and fingerboarding is more or less not that popular in Germany anymore.
We have a couple of events, the scene became quite small but overall we are like a big family. We love to party together and shred together and we are always up for fingerboarders from other countrys or Citys. Im happy to be a Part of the Germanscene.
I very thankful that TKY takes so much to let the Store stay alive.
Really would like to know how the scene in the US feels like.

P.S. Stay Hydrated!



I’m from Barcelona and there are some people but not very active…! But no one is interested to make any events or something and it’s very sad because the community right here ara decreasing day by day…the last time i go to an event here in barcelona was 2 years ago…



i actaully know quite a few peeps from Barcelona which are fingerboarding.

Albert Diaz, Jordie, and Alex from Kinkalla.

Maybe you should connect with these guys and put smth together?
I would be down to come to Barcelona for a event!


I’m from the Big Island of Hawaii and I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of another fingerboarder on this island lol I mean some kids used to play with them way back in grade school but that’s about it.


I’m from a shithole called Brazil and fingerboarding here is doing pretty well. There are ups and downs of course, but generally speaking, we’re still growing. Contests usually bring a fairly decent amount of people. Also, we have a good relationship with skateboarders in general, quite a few events actually happen with the support of local skateshops, that’s always positive imo.