Deck preference?!


I’m always curious, what’s your deck preferences?!


Currently I prefer 33.5 Berlinwood xtra wides


33,5x 97


Greasy Fingerboards
33x86mm (Sanded down by myself)
G3 Shape


I like any medium-concave deck that’s 32mm in width and between 97-100mm in length. I haven’t found a favorite company yet, but I’m really into my Devise deck right now and use that one the most.


Ive been wanting to try a flint myself but never get to them in time lol


I’ve only used prep (starter board) yellowood and Berlinwood so far. Berlin has been my favorite out of them for the shape and graphic wear seems more realistic. The graphic on the yellowood I have just kind of started randomly chipping off in little pieces when wearing down


34.2 x 98.5
Wu01 shape
These decks have large noses which I really enjoy. For me this is the perfect deck.


Company: Five Luck
Width: 33.5 mm
Length: 96-98 mm
Shape: All FU varieties (FU, FU2, FU blade)


Company: Kamelpro Fingerboards
Width: 35.5-36mm
Length: 97mm
Shape: Medium everywhere

I have tried both a massive kick and concave board for a good two months or so and then swapped to a more mellow one. I certainly feel like a medium to low kick medium to low concave is probably the best for me in terms of control.

I do want to mention that I also feel like it’s just a question of getting used to a board as well.


I agree - their graphics are more like the candy paint used on M&M’s. Berlinwood paint smears and scratches away really nicely.


Just scooped a Wush yesterday off his site! Looking forward to giving it a go!


Agreed on having to get used to it, definitely feel the same


Company: Either FF or BW
Width: 29mm max for me. It’s quite crap that all the regular sizes these days are 30mm+
Length: Around the length of a G12
Shape: Low-medium concave, medium dips and kicks


I’m looking to trade or sell my 29mm G12 if you’re interested bro


I’m fine, have a Berlinwood 29mm on the way. Thanks for the offer!