Dislocation Nose and Tail Guards


Just wondering, has anyone tried dislocation nose and tail guards? They look cool, but I think that they would decrease pop. Opinions?


I’ve tried them before and I didn’t notice any negative impact on the pop. I had them mounted on a Berlinwood and the only thing that felt different was doing nose and tail slides, obviously.


Hey there! I’ve actually been on the fence about it since I got them, but I think I’m actually going to sell mine if you’re interested in buying some with faster shipping (USA) and for a little cheaper. I did lose one of the seven screws, but that won’t affect anything from my experience. The package came with three guards and two have three holes in each, so you can mount them that way if a missing screw would bug you.

I’ll give you a few days to respond before I post them up on eBay, so let me know!


Thanks, but I just bought a ton of fingerboarding stuff and I don’t think my parents will let me get anything else. Thanks for the offer though!


Ha no worries, I understand - I figured I’d offer them to you first.


I use them on my oldschool bowl bomber. So far i can’t say anythin About a decreased pop. :call_me_hand:t2: But i think its because of the Fishtail. Usually i dont do any flatland shizzle with that setup :stuck_out_tongue:


They look great on an oldschool board!