Dynamic Base Plates (Sold)


Edit: This item has been sold!

I’m selling a used pair of Dynamic fingerboard truck base plates. I recently ordered a new set of custom Dynamic hex nut kingpins, so I no longer need these. These were purchased directly from the Dynamic Fingerboards web store back in November 2017, where they were originally a part of the limited edition 32mm X Teak Bubble Bushings promotional set that was being sold at that time.

Truck Style: Inverted Phillips Head Kingpin

The base plate screw holes (8x) are in good condition without any stripping. The inverted kingpins (2x) grasp the threading in both base plates, but one base plate only holds the kingpin when you screw it in at least halfway down. You may need to use o-ring style bushings on that base plate, where Teak Bubble or any other thick bushings may not work well.

This package will include a set of clear pivot cup material and a fresh sheet of generic foam grip tape.