Favorite Tape


I’ve pretty much played it safe for years with fbs along with some other tapes I didn’t like nearly as much. Wondering what tapes you guys prefer ride with.


Chemsfb Grip all day long my dude… my favorite tape I have tried.


It is all about preference, my favourite tape is RipTape.


I like fbs tape most, but riptape does also the job for me.


FBS Extra Smooth over everything else.

no more words needed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with @Onkel_Urban


Im waiting in the post for some sponsormetape, cherry tape and Black velvet! Shall report my findings!


i like fbs but black velvet from fbc is really nice :v:️:v:


The old TNP formula tape (formerly Ace)
Straight out of the pack, It’s grippier than worn in FBS

Only thing with it, is that it’s almost twice as thick as FBS. Lol

It’s been discontinued as the distributer shut down, but they have a new formula at TNP that I haven’t tried yet.

Luckily I bought 50+ sheets of it just before the distributer shut down. Lol


Creamy Goo source tape

Loved the feel of it, the price is super cheap, and I like how it’s slightly thicker than other tapes. It’s a preference thing but having thicker tape is a lot more cushy to ride.


Hey bro, how long do Riptape usually break in?


Anchor tape




Chemsfb is super nice and he hooked it up fat, i ordered a 3 pack of the waffle grip and a 3 pack of maple leaves andd he gave me 5 of each instead and a extra 3 pack of his brick pattern tape that i didnt even order, all in all its really nice tape once its worn in, Fishfur is also really nice


Wow, no one has mentioned Cleen Sheets yet. The best tape i’ve ever tried.


I recently got some china tape as an extra and it felt pretty good. Does anyone else like china tape?


It has decent grip but I feel like it wears out pretty fast. Any sheet I’ve used I had to take off within a week or two.


I love sponsormetape, so grippy, even after a month of daily use.


have been pretty loyal to fbs over the past ~8 years but getting some sponsormetape in the mail relatively soon so i’ll give that a try


I like chems tape best. What drew me in was the designs, but the fact he keeps seeking out better and better formulas AND designs has kept me around. The F3 has become my grip of choice for sure. If you haven’t tried it, the designs make it even better.


I know you weren’t really asking me, but I prefer Riptape too. From my experience, Riptape brakes in to my preference after about a week or two. I ride for an hour or so every other day, if that helps you with the math.