Favorite Tape


I’ve always liked China tape - it’s hard to beat 12+ sheets for like $3. I really started liking it much more after I started forcefully wearing it in though. I’ll use the scissor trick and gently scrape the surface of the tape a few times with the straight edge, then I’ll use the Scotch tape trick and pull away the leftover dust. It makes it feel so much better!


Where do you order the tape?


I ordered mine from eBay - there are a good amount of listings that have 12-packs for under $3. The product looks the same on all of them, but the Seller names always seem to change.

eBay Foam Tape 1
eBay Foam Tape 2

The Sellers I provided above have a 98% feedback rating and from my experience, the package will come from China within 1-3 weeks. I can’t remember exactly how long it took through my seller, but I know it was way faster than I expected a package from China to arrive.

EDIT: Obviously use your best judgement when picking an eBay Seller. I also added another eBay example listing for your convenience.


fbs boiiiii <3


Have a guess. :sweat_smile: