Favourite Tricks


Hey guys, welcome to the favourite tricks thread. Just go right ahead and reply with your favourite trick…
Mine is a backside flip or or tre flip back tail. :smile:


Mine has to be a frontside Fluor or a nollie flip. Or maybe even a hospital flip :laughing:


I got three favourite tricks right now!

Nollie (front/back)foot Impossibles

Nollie tre sexchange reverts



Mine are impossibles (any kind) feather flips and hospital flips


Kickflips for sure, they just feel right. I wish I had them like yours @cdplaya0 :raised_hands: damn.


nollie flips man, nollie flips


Big heel, or a laser flip


at the moment i would have to say backside flips idk y but I can’t stop doin them and half cavs i just cant stop i need a intervention :joy::joy:


My favorite Fingerboard trick is a varial heelflip. Something seems so right when you catch them. Skating its a F/S flip


Mine’s the complete opposite! Favorite fingerboard trick is frontside flip and favorite skateboard trick is varial flip : )


Nothing beats the feel of a switch bigflip


Switch Heels and his bigger brother Nollie Heel.
What about creating a genocide of kickflips and taking control over edits ?
Sieg Heelflip !


Most def a 360 flip for me. Definitely my most consistent trick and just fun to do in general. You gotta get that flick though. When you 360 flip your board out of control without the flick, don’t even try.


Backside nose slide to fakie, kickflip front blunt


Back tails are my favorite on both a skateboard and a fingerboard. Best feeling trick!


the best trick is to stay alive… but I also like bs smith grinds on flatrails. It doesnt have to include any flip in or out, just the feeling of a clean bs smith.


An obvious choice but mine is a kickflip. It’s one of the first tricks we learn as fingerboarders, and its one that we probably do 100 times every time we fingerboard. It works on any ramp and you can throw a kickflip into any grind and it makes it better.


Inward heelflips in every position!


fast kickflips and tre’s


Kickflips, nollie/switch tre flips and switch heelflips.