Fingerboard Collections


My current Poli decks collection


My Wicked fingerboards collection…so far…


Top row:
First two - Cowply (the Elvis one is cowplys best graphic ever)
Second two - Opal

Bottom row:


Top row: Flatface
G12 G14 G14.12 G15

Bottom row: Berlinwood
Classic Wide Low




flatface berlinwood beastpants catfishbbq love all these decks and use them all on almost a daily basis :grin:


I think you don’t have enough decks…I love the polis collection pretty sexys!



Top row:
Wecadecks Five Luck Level Up
Bottom row:
Red Wolf Catfish BBQ Flying Fingers


dont you just love the shape of the g15? its personally one of my favorite decks ever made :grin:


Not all BerlinWoods that I have but all of the love me series. Best graphics ever!


I’ve been almost desperate enough to risk buying a “Love Me Arm” complete set from some random Japanese web store called Tight2. Ever since I started collecting wooden decks, that’s been my favorite graphic of all the ones I’ve seen. You’re lucky to have that series!


I bought the three in the middle in the former Blackriver Store in Berlin when they dissolved their Berlin Wood collection. I searched for so long, that was pure luck :grimacing:


. All my berlinwoods that i kept.


Hell yes… love me some Poli decks!!!


And love me some BRUTALS!!!


I’ll have to some day sort out all the decks I own for this thread haha… that day is not today though. At least not right now. @Fangerboard knows how long it may take to sort, I’m sure he could relate :sweat_smile:


Haha… yeah. It would take a while for you to separate, lay them out, and get pics. Lol we have a sickness… a sickness I never want to be cured of. Lol


I’ll start my collection pics with:





Some of my woobs (just the ones that are set up, minus the new 30mm)


my flints



aaaaand everything together featuring skowood, wush, bawse, galaxy of flowers, subliminal, cowply, flatface, upward, fbnature, minimal, unique and catfishbbq


Holy smokes, some amazing collections on here :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: