Fingerboard Collections



Shortwood NWDC/Shortwood/King Size 4ply Royal Shape/Yellowood/Nollie Plastic/Lignum Oldschool Shape/Alfa G2/Forest G4/Birds/Birds Minilogo/Rusties/MiracleFb
Beastpants Domesticated Shape/Beastpants FBS Domesticated Shape/Berlinwood Wide Low/Berlinwood Classic/Berlinwood Classic/Berlinwood Breit old/PurpleHaze/PurpleHaze/Lenwood/Hollywood/HeroFactory/HeroFactory Special/HeroFactory/HeroFactory


Just found a box full of older decks i packed up after moving 2 years ago…


I am jealous of your brutal and poli collection! So many nice boards!

I’ll have to show my wife this thread next time she is bummed on another bubble mailer showing up at our door.


nice collection. love the variety. looking forward to getting my two 6010s on monday.


I found a picture of my collection from 2012! I did have to sell a few of these when my bag was stolen with my camcorder, setup and wallet among other things. I miss that Kinda deck!

The collection has got even larger since then though. This doesn’t include my Tech Deck collection.


Epic collection bro :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: