Fingerboard hacks, tips, etcs


We had a similar thread going on FBHQ so I figured there should be one here. I’ll get the ball rolling with these few tips.

  1. Nail polish is great for painting hangers/baseplates. Just a few thin even coats and you’re set.
  2. Want grippy wheels but don’t have the funds for urethane ones. Gather some urethane tubing or old earbuds and use them to wrap your current wheels.
  3. Coat old ramps with a thin layer of concrete for a new look and feel.
  4. Struggling with heelflip 180s? Loosen your trucks! It’ll carry more momentum into your flips, given you some extra rotation needed to land.
  5. Stripped baseplates? Fill the stripped holes with some clear coat, let harden, and then tap some new threads with your mounting screws.
  6. Use different lead sizes when tracing decks. It’ll allow you to get different sized boards all with the same template.


This may or may not be relevant.


Not a fingerboard hack but a little mental hack to land tricks easier:

Change the way you think about tricks where the board rotates more than your hand!

B/S Bigflip can be thought as a varialflip b/s revert
F/S Bigflip ~= hardflip f/s revert
B/S Biggerflip ~= 360flip b/s revert

And so on!

This tip made me so much more consistent on those tricks and really helped me in games of skate :slight_smile:


If you’re having a hard time finding these round tubes, they’re also known as s’getti strings and you can get a bunch of them here.

Also, old headphone wires work great as long as the wiring is round. Just cut, hollow out the actual wiring, and use the remaining soft plastic tubing as pivot cups.


@cdplaya0 taught me that if you want to clean your wheels you can roll them back/forwards and left/right on a blank white paper !


Obvious one, but if you are just learning to fingerboard, tighten your trucks! The tighter your trucks, the easier it is to ollie :wink:


I do circles. I set it on the paper woth my fingers on it juat oike im about to ollie, then just circles. You can hear the wheel squeal while you do it.


Ye I basically try and scrape all the gunk off. I don’t clean my wheels often because I like when they look dirty lmao


An alternative to fix stripped brts, if you dont have clear coat or have some reason where that method won’t help you, the screws in most calculators are just few hairs thicker than normal tech deck or brt hardware. Use the calculator screws as hardware and this should fix your issue! I am currently using this fix on silver 32mm brts with a cowply and it’s working great. No issues, and the head of the screws (although rounded rather than flat) is still small enough to fit in standard sized countersinks. I’ve added some images for you visual learners. Hope this helps!


What crazy wheels are you riding? :smiley:


I only ride 30-30mm decks and always had struggles with the width of my trucks.
32mm trucks are too wide so my setup looked kinda like an formula 1 racing car :smiley:
But 29mm were a little too small.

At a event last year I got a set of FBS spacers and they’re the perfect addition to my setup!
Now my 29mm brts are a bit wider that usual but still not as wide as the 32mm. But see for yourself :wink:

Compared to 32mm BRT’s:

Compared to 29mm BRT’s:

The width is perfect now and the locknuts still work best. One time in two months the wheel falls of but if you check if the wheels is still tight before every session you will have no problem.


I used to do this Tech Deck bushings when I didn’t have 32 mm trucks.


To clean the dirt on your wheel : Just roll em on the sticky side of duct tape or any tape.

For trucks , This video :

Dont film flip to lip-boardslide .Thats not a hack, just a demand.


I’ve been using this one recently because I don’t have a tool right now. If you need to tighten your trucks but don’t have a tool handy, use the plastic end of a pen with the cartridge removed.


his wheels are probably the cores of dual durometer wheels. some people remove the outer thing so they basically have a mini plastic wheel


Is that because kickflip board/lipslides are over performed?


I fill all my ramps with cement to make them heavy and quiet.


Definitely relevant! I don’t rethread mine though… since they aren’t solid axle, I like to have more leverage on the hangar side, so I actually hammer the axle deeper into the hangar. The axle wells are much deeper in the hangar than they let on. They just install the axle deep enough so that the textured part of the axle isn’t visible. They can go almost twice as deep as that. Just have to be careful not to drive them TOO deep, otherwise the wheels won’t fit on. I tap gently, measure, tap gently, measure, and so on.
They end up looking like this, with BRT wheel clearances


You can get relatively cheap O-rings from here:
main site
Etsy shop, same seller

They’re the 3mm ones.

I’ve never tried them on BRTs but they fit fine on China trucks.

They don’t come with washers though.


My friend does this and it makes a huge difference!!