Fingerboard hacks, tips, etcs


the rounding on that top hanger is top notch!


I have been wanting to do this for awhile - I just get worried the ramps will warp. I just assume the wood will soak up a bunch of water and be poopy after I do it. Any tips? Lovely place you’ve got there by the way!


Same, I tried it once on a kicker and the wood warped like crazy. The ramp was completely unusable. I need to figure out how to do it properly.


so quiet and no slipping. love it


I have never had problems with soaking wood so far and I have filled a lot of ramps. Plywood is pretty water resistant, I think. I use tape inside the ramp to seal the edges. You should also screw in small screws inside the ramp to prevent the cement block falls out at the end. Do not mix the cement too thin and you shouldn‘t have problems. Thank you, appreciate! :slight_smile:


yea, they were cores made from dual duros :slight_smile:


anything about painting trucks? im getting a new pair of dynamics and figured why not just paint my old pair


Unless you use risers (ew gross) you can use TD screws for your baseplates, they fit about 1000 times better on Y Trucks and BRT’s.

If you mess up your baseplate to the point were you can no longer properly get a screw in, you can use the kingpin from a early gen TD and pliers, go to the opposite side of the baseplate and forcefully screw the kingpin though till the threads have pushed the metal back out and this will make it possible for you to fit a screw in again.


If you do it, either powder coat them, OR use the high temp engine enamel spray paint that you can get at any auto parts store (oreilleys, auto zone, advance auto, Napa, etc.)
Any other paint will chip and look like hell after just a few flip tricks. Lol


word bro thanks :+1:t4:


I always use YTruck screws when a BRT baseplate is stripped. Works like a charm.


Aw, I like my risers. I use Tech Deck soft risers on setups where the truck bolts extend far through the deck. I feel it looks a lot cleaner when the bolts are closer to flush with the base plate and I pretend to think it helps with the landing impact.


fair enough man, but really if you have trucks like that you should be asking deck makers to make a hole for the kingpin like every deck maker used to back in the day :+1:


Ha no I mainly use Blackriver trucks, not China stuff. I was more referring to decks with thinner veneers or that have deep countersinks. I don’t like when the truck screws pop out really far through the base plates, so I stick some thin risers in there to reduce the length of the screws.


i think we both misread but you contradicted what i said about TD screws anyway. TD screws aren’t as long as BRT screws aka you don’t need/can’t use a lame ass riser


I actually love when the screws are far through…it makes my confident the baseplates aren’t going to be wobbly or strip off.


Yes I think we did too, whoops! Either way, I was always afraid the Tech Deck screws weren’t threaded the same and wouldn’t bite as well, causing potential stripping. Good to know that they work well with BRT’s!


Anyone have a tip for when you drop a nut/bolt in the carpet? I’ve tried to use magnets and it kinda works but it still takes soooo long to find anything.

  1. Get a panty hose or sock and tie it over a hose on a vacuum. Vaccum over the area where your nuts/bolts might’ve fallen and retrieve your lost hardware.

  2. Get a flashlight and turn off all the lights. Shine it on the carpet and hopefully, you’ll be able to see your nuts/bolts due to a reflection or super shiny thing.


thanks a lot, i’ll try these