Fingerboard Photography


I remember this being a big hit on the old FFI. Post your best fingerboard related photography!

I’ll start with some pictures I took back in the day. Haven’t been taking photos recently but maybe this thread will motivate me!


I need to find myself a City of Toronto garbage can!


Do these kinds of images count? I enjoy taking photos of gear.


sure, i dont see why not! i love how realistically dirty that wheel looks!


Iv’e been using these oaks for a little over a year now. I’m waiting very patiently to set my new wheels up :slight_smile:


2 pictures from a year ago and a pretty recent pic on a park I made


Ply shot from my collection of Wicked fingerboards


These photos are over a year old, but still felt like sharing lol, :slight_smile:
(if anyone cares, deck is a Australian company called Stradzy and its his " old school shape (he quit over a year ago from making decks) then its original Winkler Wheels H2T2 Red and BRTS Gold base and Red BRT bushings …


Sharing a photo of the first section of the fingerpark I’m building.


I like to take shots without me in them. Haha



my good mate George likes to take photos of me fbing :grin:


Alex Christ @ 6 Years Blackriver-Store Berlin Birthday Bash by Martin Beckmann, auf Flickr

Fingerboarding pictures:

Cruiser Joy - Piglet Shape by Martin Beckmann, auf Flickr

And some Product shots over here:

Trying to improve hem all the time. Have fun!


I like to photograph fingerboards and street art.


Check my Flickr,
most of them are “Product Pictures!”



Some macro shots I took tonight




At a local spot in Rochester


Blackriver 10-year party!

If you look on the ground, you will see some cards. Ask @manu there why there are cards on the ground :laughing:

ISPO 2011

Philli, Rune Glifberg and I just chillin’ :cool::bear:


which bushings are those?