Fingerboard Tables


Looking for suggestions on a nice fingerboard table. I’m sure many of you are just using your computer desks and whatnot but I would like to make/buy a nice table to FB on. I’ve been eyeing the BRR Playground XL but shipping costs are way too high for more so now I am looking for something more DIY.

What are your suggestions?


I personally have a fairly large wood board lying around that I’m thinking of gluing marble, granite, or ceramic tiles onto. I originally thought to slather it in smooth concrete, but I like the sound of wheels rolling over cracks too much not to try that first. It just sounds so realistic and satisfying.

Once the board is all tiled up, I’m going to set it on some sawhorses and throw all my miscellaneous ramps and rails on it. I like the idea of having a portable surface I can break down whenever I want, rather than buying a real table. The Blackriver Playgrounds do look awesome, but you’re right about the shipping!


why don‘t you just build a playground yourself?
it is not that hard and the material probably costs less than the shipping😄


Here’s how to make a table but around $20 most stuff I believe found at Home Depot ect


I’ve built myself a construction to put the park I’ve built onto. I just made to squares of four by fours, put them on casters, and connected those squares with one larger 4by4 on the bottom in the middle, and two on the top. Then just screwed a piece of wood on. You can have the people at a home center make all those cuts. And the expensive thing about that is the casters, so if you don’t need that it just takes a screwdriver and those cut pieces