Fingerboard Veneer


I’m starting to make my own fingerboards. I have found some sets of veneer, but they come with pieces of miscellaneous cross grain veneer and I want to make my boards out of maple only. Does anyone know where I can get some 0.020" straight grain maple veneer sheets?



Are you doing all straight grain with no cross plies?


No, I plan on doing a standard 5-ply board, and for the cross grain pieces I would be able to cut those out of the sheet by cutting cross grain.


You don’t necessarily need .020" thick veneer. As long as your veneer sheets are around 1/42" thick you’ll be fine. I’m running 2/83" thick veneer and it’s been fine.


I know I don’t have to use 0.020” veneer, but I prefer the aesthetics of a thin board to a thicker board.