Fingerboard YouTube!



Hey Everyone!
Im from the Time where YouTube was all about Fingerboarding! The newest Videos from Blackriver , Mike Schneider, the Dirty Harry or Danny Friedrich were abslout must Watch Videos for me!

So why did i create this Topic? I think its time to bring the good old times back. If you have a Youtube channel like I do you can post it here and explain what you wana do or like to show.

For those of you Guys who don´t know me. I am Onkel Urban a Fingerboarder from Berlin and the Videos I do are more of the Journalim sort. I try to do Interview as often as i can and as professional as i Can. I always try to involve the Community. I also do Fingerboard Edits, i just started a new Series called The Secret Room (just Click for the Video) I want to bring fingerboarding to the next Level. I do unboxings as well but these are more Quick and Raw. Im planning on doing Reviews as well but they will be more Cinematic and Objectiv.

Would love to know your Youtube Channels and what you do! I also would really appreciate that when you Subscribe to my YT Channel or leave a comment.
Onkel Urban Youtube Channel CLICK!

Thank you Guys and lets PUSH FINGERBOARIND!

P.S. Stay Hydrated!

Yo guys!
I’m Frederik Thomsen aka Frederikskate and I mostly post edits and photos on my Instagram (@Frederikskate) but recently started a Youtube channel. I have only posted a few edits, but will start to upload unboxings and more very soon, so stay tuned!


more soon


I subscribed. I liked the first installment of the secret room. :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: