Fingerboarding: A Look Back


I will preface this topic by being honest, it’s been a long day and this is a topic that deals with a bunch of scattered thoughts that I have been having over the past few months now. It stems from topics I’ve talked about with new and old friends alike, and having discussed days by gone while looking to the days to come.
Here’s the long and short of it; the past days of fingerboarding are gone. Absolute, Prete Kura’s, Berlinwood Old Mold Hype, the days of Primo, Vegas, Cannaboard, Holywood, Frost, Arctic, Motive, Shortwood, Morningwood, Finga, Defstone, Close Up, Premier, Jclant, Yellowood stock scarcity, the hardcore Evolve decks, the hunt for the ever elusive Eurolit wheels and Winkler wheels, along with the coming of Substance, Flatface, and Nocomply wheels. Nollie wheels was there too, though that’s a story for another day.
That is just barely scratching the tip of the iceberg that is the rich history of fingerboarding in the modern scene. For those of you that looked through that long list above, did you see something you remember? Perhaps a brand once forgotten, or an incident that was related to something you remembered from long ago. An inside joke, an old friend, your first deck, your favorite video part, anything from days since passed.
And you want to know the funny part? Even though some of these companies are long gone, they still live on. They live on in the products they brought to the scene, the media they created, and the impression they left on all the people that were attentively watching. It all lives on through us, whether it be from the old relics we still carry with us or the memories we keep.
And the reality of it all is that no matter what, time has a way of taking away both of those things.
But the one thing time has an exceptionally difficult deal with ruining is written and video records. The old version of this website was a goldmine for such information, but thanks to the shift of media apps and the scene as a whole the site fell prey to the test of time.
I for one truly regretted the day I decided to check up on this site to find it no longer accessible, but thanks to Chris this site has been given a new light. A fresh take, a new pool of oil for the wick of creativity and community to burn from. Let’s not squander this new chance.
That is why I’m here, that is my purpose. It is what I wish to bring to the scene, and what I know I will be proud of when looked back on. I understand that with the fall of the original site, and such shifts before it, much information has already been lost and scattered…
But I will be darned if I do not try to salvage and sculpt what remains.

So here’s what to expect of this thread, and what I plan to achieve. It will take time but i want to create a basic written log of company information here from the days gone by of fingerboarding, along with some deck examples image wise that can be gathered (ideally limited to one or two images, with examples of what was iconic for them. Mainly from my own collection.). Along with the company post, there will be a more in-depth video linked in that will give a brief history of what era of fingerboarding that company occured in, the effects they had on the community product and media wise, and what is known of their current whereabouts or status (within reason of course, contained in the scene/hobby).
Okay, I think I have done the best I can with this pitch and I am going to post this thread with the end note of this: I will be working on the first post and video this weekend, with the topic of Berlinwood. I’m positive a lot of you will know the old era and new era of the company, but with the gates opening soon to veterans and rookies alike in a week or so, I want this to start off strong with a topic everyone can get behind.
Thank you very much for your time reading this, and I’m looking forward to working on this project.
(also: this post may work as an avenue or hub for topic discussion about older companies and such, that’s a goal with this sub channel. Here’s to hoping that can be pulled off.)


You’ve put words on my feelings , and I thank you for that.


Awesome post and totally in support of your post series. I’ll contribute what I can!!


Great idea!
I’m one of these people that keeps a lot of stuff from back in the days. If you need some pictures or info to complete one of your videos ask us. I’m sure a bunch of the old FFI crowd will be back here and can share some of their old treasures from back in the days.


I’m really looking forward to checking back on this thread. I wish I were around for the good old days but… I’m here now!


Couldn’t agree more!!


Even thoe im not an “OG”, I still know my history. But i took my time reading this thread and couldnt really find any thing to add except for One brand i think also was Big back in the Days that unfortunaly died kinda. Kingsize


Wow this is so interesting! I began fingerboarding late 2015 to early 2016 so I’m still fairly new to the scene. I’m really glad I can discover the roots of fingerboarding!


Pretty sure my old Flickr account has some good classic setups from the 2008-2010 era. Let me know if you are interested and Ill see if i can dig them up!


Anyone remeber morningwood I came across this in some of my old stuff recently


my old Evolve! @Jader


I’m humbled by the reaction this post has had with everyone, I’ll be honest when I had typed that up I wasn’t expecting it to catch on but I was hoping it might.
I’ve been working on the script for this pilot episode along with the text post to go with it, it’s going to be a rather in depth video segment and a proper post to read with images tied in.
It’s going to be over the company Berlinwood from the early years of 2003 up until 2009, when they took the jump over to the new mold shapes that redefined the scene standards of deck making in a big way.
I’m hoping to have everything good to go by Monday the 5th of March, so look forward to that then.
As for everyone that’s offered to help, everyone is absolutely welcome to and I’ll be sending messages to you to discuss anything you’re willing to offer information and image wise!
Again, thank you all it means a lot to me to get to undergo this project finally.


This is a great idea. I wish I still had anything to contribute from back in the day but sadly I’ve always been too quick to delete/lose things. Really looking forward to this!


King size, I do remember them! If I do a segment on them and if you still own that deck, I will inquire about images for that set!


Dude I’m really glad you posted this, I remember Morningwood!
They will be one of the early segments actually haha.


I believe they shut down at the end of 2010/ early 2011 I got my first wooden fingerboard and rail from there closing sale


I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this post.


Aha this post makes me feel like I know nothing about fingerboarding


So stoked this is up and running again, so many companies mentioned that i can remember! Still got a couple of old Prete decks from back in 2008 - 2009 :grin:


Do you guys remember toebex?