Fingerboarding Nostalgic?


Does anyone have any fingerboarding nostalgic? Share some memories in this thread!

For example, I was talking to Todd the other day (Owner of No Comply Fingerboards) and we were just talking about how times have changed in fingerboarding. I remember owned a No Comply m1 + m2 with the same exact bottom ply along w/ Roll 9’s. Then I upgraded to a Flatface G13 a week before the G14 Mold came out.

Anyone have any memories of when they started fingerboarding?


My most nostalgic memories are from when wooden fingerboards weren’t a thing yet.

I remember sitting at the tables in our elementary school lunch room with all of our Tech Decks scattered around. I miss those secondary neon orange wheels that the older Tech Decks used to come with. The most nostalgic feelings I get are from my memories of setting up a new wheel color combination during lunch, screwing in those shiny lockless metal nuts onto the axles, and doing my first grind on the edge of my lunch tray. It just felt so good and it was so much fun.


That’s awesome! @MisterDank. I can definitely relate. Back when I had first gotten my first wooden fingerboard, I had gotten them from a company called Dooby Decks out of Minnesota and the owner had sent me 3 of them. I was in middle school at the time, I was so hyped when they came in the mail, it felt like Christmas. I couldn’t find any hardware that was actually long enough to poke through the holes and use as a proper setup, so I superglued the trucks onto the decks and would take it to the middle school bleachers and just attempt to shred, haha. The students would look at me so silly and then the trucks would always fall off. Coming to terms with where fingerboarding has gone from a simple 26mm Tech Deck to 32mm+ wooden decks, it’s crazy to think that at one point, I would shred a Tech Deck until you could no longer see the graphic, and now I can’t even use one because I’m so used to the width of an actual fingerboard haha.


Yea man, that’s why I got back into it so aggressively. Seeing how far fingerboards have evolved, during my hiatus, put me in absolute awe. I just had to buy everything I could find and I still am!


My favorite nostalgic memories… damn… well, in 1998-1999 in middle school, everybody would being their tech decks to school and gather around in the gym first thing in the morning before homeroom… we would barter and trade, wheels, decks, trucks (they used to make chrome and gunmetal trucks. Everyone wanted those back then) seeking to build the coolest looking setup. Then we would all bust our best tricks on the bleachers. We did the same during lunch, and after school. The school I went to was very skateboard oriented. Many of us would ride our skateboards to school. They allowed us to store them in our lockers. They also allowed us to skate on school property after school hours. It was the shit… that school had the coolest skate and fingerboard spots! That was back when if you saw someone wearing skate shoes, you KNEW they skated. Because skate shoes weren’t cool back then. Lol you could walk right up to someone in skate shoes, and ask “where do you skate?” Nowadays, you ask that question and people look at you like you have 2 heads. Besides… everyone wears stupid ass Nike shoes to skate now. They aren’t good… they are just trendy. Nike never did anything for Skateboarding, and they are just taking advantage of people who weren’t around back then to know any better. Back in the day they actually put technology into skate shoes… nitrogen shock pads built in to keep from heel bruising, padded tongues for when your board karate chops the top of your foot, triple walled toe caps so the grip didn’t just shred through the toe from flip tricks, ACTUAL toe cap and sole stitching (not glued), etc. Nike makes rubber soles with waffle structure inside, then GLUES either canvas or a low quality “leather” to them. No triple walls, no impact protection… you may as well wear converse chucks. Nike doesn’t care about skateboarding… never have… but the trend masters MUST have them… well… because… Nike… Lol
Oh… back to fingerboards. Lol
I used to have some clear “Fingerboard” brand fingerboards with the paper graphic inserted into the center. You actually had to use this sticky wax stuff for grip… it was gross, but it worked. That was 1996 or so… pre-tech deck days. People didn’t look at you weird for fingerboarding back then. Most people knew that if you fingerboarded, then you skateboarded as well, so they knew we used it to keep our heads in the game. Not exaggerating at all… we had at least 30 fingerboarders just in our school back then. It was the coolest. Lol


That’s awesome! Definitely bringing me back to the good ol’ days of fingerboarding, haha. Thanks for sharing man!


That’s funny, I feel the exact same way. I used to love the old Circa’s with their super fat tongues and plastic-like toe cap reinforcements that extended all the way up onto the sides of the shoe. I also loved when any shoe company had the optional lace flaps that you could route your shoelaces underneath to further protect them from ripping and snapping during ollies.

Now I have to spend a full day Shoe Goo’ing the sides and tips of my new skate shoes to recreate what used to be a normal option for us. It’s all about style over function now.


2012-2014 were my fondest years of fingerboarding.

FBHQ was still booming and it was just a fun time to waste money on new equipment and obstacles. This was also the era that fingerboarding took off in my middle school and we were all scrambling to get in on the craze. I remember using a cheap Gator complete and a 29 mm TD when those first came out. I’d do anything to be able to relive just one day of that era. Crazy to think that was 4-6 years ago.


I remember the wax! The first decks I bought came with either wax or clay to use as “grip” and it sucked hard (and made a mess). I think I got my first one at a flea market in Missouri when I was like 10. Hilarious! Good memory!


I also remember that first Tech Deck picnic table (that I had until a few years when my Mother gave it to Goodwill because it was just “sitting out” in my room) came with the Fingers of Fury VHS and I was blown away. I wanted to make that spinning table so bad. I also wanted consistent kickflips like the dude in the video. I also remember the wooden series Tech Deck Expert Sk8s. I wish I would have gotten one. One of my life regrets lol. I heard they were terrible but I would love to have one.


I still have mine, haha


What the freak! That’s awesome lol if you want to sell it… :wink:


Haha, that’s awesome! Flea markets in Springfield Missouri ALWAYS had fingerboard stuff. I think people bought them cheap in bulk from the company, and sold them for quick easy money. Lol


6th grade 1997 it was all about the keychain skateboard with the skate grip on it. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So in 98-99 when i first saw tech decks my mind was blown. Im pretty sure that back then I felt as though it couldnt get any better. I would never have imagined what we have now. Kinda wish i would have kept up w wood and metal working after shop class in 7th grade. This is also why its funny to me when kids these days beg for free stuff on IG and tell sob stories to try and gain sympathy from companies: “ i cant afford a fb” “someone stole my complete” ect… especially now that you got 32mm teck decks out


Wasnt there a time in around 2007-2008 when a prete kura? (the one with the metal bottom) was sold for something like 120$ ?


Yes indeed… prete was the woob of 10 years ago… or rather, woob is the modern day prete.


I remember the first time I saw a JClant deck and thought “Now shits getting serious.”

I genuinely think they were the first decks to adhere to todays ‘professional’ standards.


So that’s tech deck nostalgia and that only happened until 2000 when the first fingerboard decks were made. So what are you even taking about?


I’m sorry, @davo. I’ve always used the ‘fingerboarding’ term to represent the action, not the product. I didn’t mean to cause any confusion.


No problem, just wanted to clarify as there are people out there claiming earlier and earlier years with no proof of anything.