Fingerboarding Nostalgic?


Ha no I wouldn’t do that - I’m no veteran or anything. I was in grade school when Tech Decks came out and that’s where my nostalgia comes from.

I stopped fingerboarding in high school and started up again in 2016 because I had no clue real fingerboards existed until then; I only knew about the toy predecessors. I’ve been riding again ever since :slight_smile:


I sold one on eBay for around $100 around 2008-2009


I remember waiting for the final bell to ring in 6th grade because I knew my package from Empire Fingerboards was supposed to be in.

Had that same feeling waiting for my Flatface package to get here today lol.


Just found one of my old fingerboards from 2004!
Looks like a toothpick! :joy:
It is one of the first decks I made together with a friend from skating. Only nose and tail and no concave. We called ourself wicked weasel fingerboard company not knowing the micro bikini company also called wicked weasel :joy:
It has the first graphic I ever made on it.
Also it is equipped with real grip tape and ancient tech deck trucks. Those were painted with nail polish and have ultra tiny tech deck stickers on them. The wheels don‘t have any bearings but I got my hands on some metal sleeves I could fit into the wheels. Those did last much longer than the tech deck wheels. Crazy times…


An extremely old Flatface deck…


they don’t make them like this anymore. :frowning:
I actually like deck making from 10 years ago - yes the decks weren’t perfect, but they had soul. Now all the decks are perfect with cool graphics ( actually most are pretty lame ) and always available.


I also want to comment on this. I feel this so much. That’s why I am so happy I discovered my favourite shoe model of all time éS Accel has been re-released. I now have my fourth pair of them.


Hmm, I have to take a look at those one day - they look like they’re built really solid. I’m currently about to bust through the soles of my Etnies Faders.

Do you or anyone have experience with the Marana Michelins? I’ve been researching the favored skate shoe since this post and people seem to mention them all the time.


When the only fingerboards i knew of were plastic keychains with grip tape on them and the keyring removed. The first time i saw a kid bring a tech deck in to class and saw it up close i was blown away and totally in love. It was a world industries. Late 90s.