FlatFace G4-D Wheels - White (Sold)


Edit: This item has been sold!

I’m selling my set of FlatFace G4 wheels. I purchased them from the Catfishbbq web store, back in November 2018, when they were first selling their “Pro Completes” that came with Dynamic Trucks and FlatFace G4’s. The wheels are basically brand new and I only used them a handful of times. I’ve had a few sets of FlatFace wheels in the past, but these ones are just too slippery for me. I would like to sell these to someone who will appreciate and enjoy them more.

Color: White
Material: D
Style: G4

This listing will come with the following items:

FlatFace G4 Wheels (4x)
Generic Fingerboard Tool (1x)
Generic Foam Tape (1x)
Clear Pivot Cup Material (2x)