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Hey Forum,
first of all I have to apologize for my little break, just needed that to sort my mindset and get some distance from fingerboarding for a while. In general, I want to take a step back from fingerboarding in 2019. I want to continue doing reviews, but not as frequent as I do at the moment. Hope you guys understand that.

I’m going to talk about “G Sheet Tape” today, and this will be the LAST review on tape. Honestly, I don’t want to review “Fingerboard Tape”, its not so much fun and taking pictures of tape is also very hard.
Lets dive into the review!

G Sheets is the name of the company, I personally heard about it before simply because Odyssey made the Logo / Graphic. So before I got the tape, I already heard a lot about G sheets, some of you guys praise it and some of you don’t know what to say about it. My thoughts about the tape and my honest opinion is following now.

The tape is 35mm in width, 110mm in length and about 1mm thick.
Color is plain black. G Sheets are available in 3 / 5 / 7 Sheet packages.

The packaging is simple, ZIP BAG! The Sheets have a G sheets sticker on the Back which is a plus and a smart gimmick.

Let’s talk about the tape itself.
The performance of the tape is phenomenal. It’s grippy from the first flip, and still grippy even 5 weeks later. I asked on Instagram about your opinions and as I said before, some of my community praised the tape and others said it is basic. If you ask me, I honestly like the tape. It’s good and the duration of it is good as well. Random quote by Valentin Leiber: “It’s like a better version of Slim and Catchy Tape“

At this point I want to point out one negativ thing. The adhesive of the tape. It’s pretty strong and it seems like its an individual layer. It’s hard to cut and after a while the tape loosens a bit on the sides from the adhesive. I talked to the G Sheets owner about it, he told me it’s better this way because when you want to remove the tape from your deck you can do so without leaving any adhesive spots. I like the idea but honestly when I remove tape, I use a HotAirgun or a Hairdryer to heat up the tape and also the adhesive so it comes off really easy.

So do I recommend G Sheets? Hell yeah! The tape is grippy AF and that is the most important thing to me. I understand the peeps who texted me on Instagram about the adhesive but honestly I can ignore that because its worth the pay.
As I said before, it’s my opinion, and my opinion doesn’t mean it’s 100% right. Every fingerboarder is different and likes different stuff.
Hope you guys still enjoyed this review and thank you for reading.
If you read until here, write #taperape in the comments.

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Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban
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Great review!! G-sheets upgraded his adhesive and it’s much better than the old one that you might have. Personally, I recommend g-sheets. It’s grippy from day 1 to the end, it’s durable and long lasting. A must try :muscle:t3: :blush:


I’ll go ahead and ask the age old question lol… Is it more like FBS or Riptape? :thinking: Smooth or grain-y? :eyes:


it reminds me of Riptape Slim and Catchy.


#taperape :blush: another epic review bro