Gopro help?!


Wassup! Trying to make fingerboard videos again, recently acquired the gopro hero 3+ and my problem is it wont charge or show any signs of life
Its been inactive for 2 years maybe so may just need a new battery but is there anyone who owns one and could give straight forward advice?
Thankss :grin:


Definitely go for the new battery, that one is probably fried. Another possibility is a messed up charge port. Not sure what they cost or how easy they are to fix.
Does it turn on at all while plugged in? Mine works while plugged in and bypasses the battery. If not, it’s most likely the port


Looks like it might be the charge port then, as it shows no life when plugged in
Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction bro


The same here! Didnt use the gopro for a year and now it wont charge. And this I heard from so many people.