HJR Fingerboards


Hi guys, my name is Kokok from Indonesia, in 2015 i wondered if i could make my own concrete obstacles, and that’s the story of how HJR Fingerboards were created.
We make obstacles, and also tapes called ENAKTAPE.

We are currently only ship the obstacles in Indonesia, since the cost to ship outside the country is sometimes more expensive than the obstacles it self.
But if you guys and girls are interested you could DM me on instgaram @hjrfb or email [email protected].

I hope this forum could help us to connect all fingerboarders worldwide.
Peace \m/


Here are some of my works:



Iv’e wanted one of those benches for a long time now, never see them in stock. Also, I’m unsure if you ship to the US and if it would be expensive.


i know, just dm or email me, maybe we could set somethings up
i’m still figuring out how to reduce the shipping cost,


Those ramps are beautiful!


Dat quarter!! So beautiful! Keep going man!


thanks man!!


will do, thanks !!!


That brick bench looks uber fun and nice :clap:t5:


it is ! thanks dude :fist_right::fist_left:


Looking good! If you ever decide to ship to the US, let me know!


These obstacles are really something! Pieces of art, would love to shred that bench and that kicker, so stylish! Im betting shipping to europe is also too expensive? Not taking VAT costs into account… :frowning:


I would love to ship it to US, send me an email to set things up!


Thanks man!, yeah if theres a way to make lite concrete :smiley: