How did YOU start fingerboarding?


Summer of 1998, I attended a swim camp at Stanford University. While I was there, one of the kids had a few Tech Decks and ramps. My mind was blown :exploding_head: ! I tried it out a little bit, but completely forgot about them after the camp.

Fast forward three months: School starts and a few of my friends are playing in class with them. That same day I decided to go to Toys R Us and purchase a New Deal and a Maple! Next thing I knew, basically everyone at our school had them. Me and my friends would sit at lunch and “Tech Deck”. There was really no online fingerboard community yet, outside of a few fan pages. We tried to mimic real skateboard tricks. We would kickflip to grind on our lunch trays, do Natas spins on our Coke bottles, etc.

Later that year, I started to search for a fingerboarding site dedicated to fingerboarding (“tech decking” back then haha). I stumbled onto the community, which eventually ended up getting shut down by Tech Deck. There was videos, pictures and even “rankings” for the top fingerboarders.

Once our little paradise was shut down (around 2000-01), we ended up migrating to a site called, which was created by Ben 'Unidan" Myst. I know Nate Gour & Nick Allen were around during these times, and they can share plenty of information with you guys as well.

You can see me when I was a little guy!


In 2012 a couple of my good friends got into it, so I got into it as well. Then I just really fancied it and started getting into it myself. Progressed with cheap ebay boards, then a tech deck expert sk8 (which was a fucking incredible beginner board that should have never been discontinued), Broken Knuckle, etc. And here I am now, ma


Unfortunately I don’t have videos like Chirs does but for me it all started back in 2001. There was (or is? I actually don’t know) a magazine in Germany, which was called Mickey Mouse and every issue had a little gimmick coming with it. Anyway, I saw a commercial on TV for the newest issue including a Fingerboard. By that time I was already interested in Skateboarding and though that this little thing I had never seen before was super cool as well. So I went to the store and bought the issue including my first Fingerboard. The quality was awful (worse than Tech Deck really) but I was hooked right away.

I tried to Ollie a lot but just couldn’t figure out how. So I took it to school to see, if someone could figure it out. My best friend did and a few weeks later he even found manuals from the internet of how to build cardboard ramps. So we bought Tech Decks and started to build our own ramps. Soon our first order from blackriver-ramps and Berlin Wood followed. It was a huge blast for me to meet all my youth idols later in person.

From there on I met a lot of new friends with this little skateboards.


Started in 2005 with tech deck, i was the first kid in my class to have one, one week later all the school are “fingerboarding” after that i ride until 2012. In 2013 i have a bad accident and broke 8 fingers of my hands and another bones…( now i’m okay ) and in january 2018 i opened a case and i see all my old material! Some berlinwoods with brt and ww, and now i’m here again! relearning all the tricks again because in the accident i lose all my fingers movement and i need to do rehab!! Actually i’m enjoying fingerboarding like when i was 10 years old!



I got an Element Tech Deck in 2006 and I really didn’t know anything more than tech decks buy learned all the basic tricks with friends until I came across this video on youtube somehow. I started by making my first wooden decks then bought my first deck which was a KL Wood.


M older sisters hand friend’s who skated. One of them had an old key chain Santa Cruz board (all plastic). He wouldn’t give me one, but he showed me how to make a board out of baseball cards, hot wheels, and a pencil eraser. I used to just mess with it (this is like 1996 or so).
In 1998 I moved to LA area wth my mom, randomly in a skate shop I saw the Gen 1 World Industries boards. It was basically history from there.


In 2003, just happened upon them in Toys R Us one day, having already been into skateboarding it drew my attention immediately, especially the graphics. Just being curious and pretty net savvy by this point I noticed the website - which was in full swing again with forums and a best of fansite page with links named something pun related. On the TD forums everyone had these teams acting like they made products but all it was were teams and websites for these teams, got over that real quick and after visiting the FFI website several times I finally noticed the trashcan which was the icon that linked to the forums and then a whole new world opened up to me called Fingerboarding (when you used to search Fingerboarding in google the only results you got were finger boards for guitars).


I’m fairly certain my hobby began in 1999 after seeing many of my peers playing with the original Tech Decks in grade school. I immediately told my mom about them, hoping that she’d buy me one, but my family was struggling with money back then. She ended up giving in at some point and gifting me one of those clear plastic unibody fingerboards with stick-on sandpaper grip tape, similar to something you’d get as a prize in a McDonald’s Happy Meal. After quickly breaking the plastic “truck” from a wallride-ollie onto my desk, I decided to start saving my spare change from school lunches to get myself a real Tech Deck.

I was able to save up enough loose change and took a trip to my local surf shop. I was so pumped when I got there, that I pretty much blindly chose one of the dozen Tech Decks available in the glass display at the counter. I ended up with a Toy Machine graphic of Turtle Boy holding a knife and saying, “I’m gonna kill you!” (if anyone can find a copy of that graphic, you’d be my absolute hero). My mom wasn’t too happy when she saw that picture : )

I still have that Tech Deck too, but I taped a Fred Flintstone action figure to it not too long after getting it and pulled off most of the graphic. Now it’s just a blank deck with real skate grip on it. Those were the days.


I had a collection of tech decks back when I was like 7-8 this was in 2007-2008. I would mess around a try and do grinds and random flips. Didn’t get an actual Fingerboard till I was like 14. Now I have been fingerboarding for almost 3 years ! I was kind of off and on for the first year


I started skating wayyyyyy back in like '89 or something and like most skaters I became obsessed with it. In school I would mess with my pink pearl eraser with my fingers like a skateboard. Then I started carving tiny boards out of solid pieces of wood. No wheels or trucks just little decks. As I progressed in skating I found my fingers helped me figure out tricks. When I hit my 20s I was still skating hard and owned a shop in my home town. One day my supplier contacted me to tell me about a thing called a tech deck. I brought them in and was one of the first shops in western Canada to carry them. They were a game changer for sure and really helped me to get a feel for a trick before I went and hucked myself off of or down something. They also inspired me to make nicer decks myself. In 2000 I blew my knees out so bad that I was never able to skate hard again. During the period from 2000 to about 2014 I just went about my life but suffered from a lot of depression. During those years I had began dabbling with living in remote areas and never really had internet access so I missed the formation and sickness that was the start of the online fingerboarding community. Finally in 2015 when I was about ready to check out as it were, I grabbed one of my old decks I had made and started messing around and instantly started feeling better. I decided to get back to making boards and seshing as much as I could. Fingerboarding basically saved my ass from doing something awful and to this day I feel like I owe it a great debt. As long as my fingers still move I will ride. (sorry for the long winded post but rarely do I get to express myself like this. Don’t get too many visitors out here. lol)


That’s truly an awesome story. I’m glad you got out of the dark area and are here to share your story.


I believe it was 1996. Got my first “Finger Board” brand fingerboard… the clear plastic ones with the paper graphic insert. They sold this sticky wax for them that you used as “grip tape”. It was pretty much just glue… you glued the board to your fingers. Lmao then in 98 or so I started getting tech decks. In 1999 “Finger Board” brand came out with a VHS called “Finger Freaks” it was this skater dude that was sponsored by them, he worked at their warehouse I believe. The video was just him giving SOME trick tips, and seshing full blown Carboard Box parks, with random skate clips and cheezy was music all the way through. At the end of it, he said something like… “buy our stuff, because I have a truck payment to make” as he drove off in some white early 90s micro pickup. Lmao
I STILL have this VHS. It’s epic. Lol s-l225


Haha… here’s an unopened puck of that wax/glue I was talking about. Lol


I got a tech deck like 2010 and I learned ollie and shuv-its and I had them in class to ease my ADHD, I still do, never cared to learn anything and then my PC broke in December so I bought a Bollie complete and a wheel exploded and the nuts were falling off so I got a BW and now I’ve been at it for little over a month and I love it. It is such a difference in learning tricks on a TD and a real fingerboard


@Lakewoodfb if anyone here knows about this, I feel like you would be one. Lol


I First saw a fingerboard when I was at a friends house and he had a promotinal little white skateboard keychain(Pictured below) that had been given out during a local extreme sports event, he let me have it and then after that I found out about Techdeck and like many started spending my spair money on collecting them. After finding out about youtube I learnt how to make cardboard decks, people might have mixed feelings on them but I loved the idea I could create the perfect length, width, shape, kicks, concave, add metal can plys, use super glue for added strength etc and I really enjoyed doing so!
Since then I’ve transferred to wooden decks and even made my own wooden decks for fun! :smiley:

This badboy came with no grip and the company logo on the bottom which i quickly scratched off, Wheels are fixed on to the axel and had no concave, needless to say I had allot of fun with this badboy, good times!


Any shot you can rip the VHS and upload it online???


I started Fingerboarding back in 2009.
The Village i come from has a Boardingschool. in the end of the Summervacations i always took a look whos new to the Boardingschool. In 2009 there was a Kid Called Jan-Ole, you might Remember him, which was already pretty deep into fingerboarding. At this very moment i made fun of him and of his fingerboard, but it was fascinating for me overall. One day he passed me a Setup and i was totally addicted to it. Since then he was my Mentor and i learned pretty quick all the basic tricks. We became pretty good friends, sadly our ways split one day and i haven´t really heard anything of him nowadays. Overall im Glad i came in touch with fingerboarding and im still thankful for it.
Let´s Push Fingerboarding!
P.S. Stay Hydrated


I’ve never done it before, but I’m 100% willing if I can figure out how to do it!


Omg… someone already did it! Hahahaha