How to rethread and reshape tech deck 32mm trucks?


Hey! I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to rethread the axels and kingpins on the new 32 mm tech deck trucks. Also, any recommendations on reshaping the ends of the hangers to prevent contact between the hangers and the wheels? If you could recommend specific tools (ideally available on that would be extremely helpful. Alternatively, and particularly if you rather not share those secrets :wink:, anyone up for reshaping and rethreading a few sets of these trucks? Thanks!



For the axles & kingpin you could try replacing them out of a none 32mm set of trucks(video for the method: )

hereโ€™s some tutorials for shaping trucks(Should be able to figure out what tools you need/work best for shaping): )



I think the axels are too small to re-thread good luck finding a dye small enough


Pretty sure this one has the right size die for rethreading axles. For reshaping just jam the truck axles in a drill chuck and spin the hanger slowly against a file, and then proceed with grit progression sanding.

Or just use a little bit of pivot cups on the hangers. Just a tiny piece between the wheel and hanger, also adds a nice benefit of eliminating wheel wobble.