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Hey there Forum,
yeah its me! I know it’s been over a month since I published the last review.
Work keeps me kinda busy, sorry for that! Meanwhile, I had enough time to try and test the Idle deck and write a review about it now.

The Deck I got send is 32,5mm Wide and 96,5mm in length.
It’s a 5 Ply deck with a (I would call it Deep) Deep Concave.
Wheel base is kinda shorter than usual with 38,5mm in distance.

width: 32,5mm
length: 96,5mm
plys: 5
concave: deep
wheelbase: 38,5mm
thick: 3mm

Craftsmanship is on Point.
Edges are perfectly sanded and wholes are drilled in perfection.
The overall appearance of the deck is very professional and well done.
Bottom and Top ply are screenprinted
(Well i am not so sure about it but i looks like it), which is phenomenal.
Nose is a bit longer than the tail.
Some peeps don’t like that, I have to admit that it didn’t bothered me at all.

The Shape of the Deck is, hum yeah. So let me explain.
At first, I was like nah I don’t like it, we are not in 2009 anymore with deep concave, but then after a week I was like, dude that is so Comfy and responsive I missed out. So yeah I think you have to try it until you really know if you are cool with it or not, for me personally its super fun and damn enjoyable.

The Packaging is straight Fire, no kidding.
I think you guys (The Community) wants that kind of stuff, we want a proper packaging.
Zip bags aren’t cool and have never been. Look at that packaging it absolutely awesome!
You have to Rip it open and it makes this deck even more Professional.
“Sealed for Freshness“? Come on! How cool is that? I absolutely love it!
The Deck comes with a Sheet of Tape Stickers and a little Card with some Info.
Totally Dig that!

So is there anything I can criticize? Honestly, I can’t, because there is nothing.
Well If you haven’t checked out Idle you totally should! That won’t be my last deck I m sure about that, so you better be quick picking one up before they are gone :slight_smile:

Check Idle Fingerboards on :
►Instagram: @Idlefb

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!

Cheers guys,

Onkel Urban

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►Facebook : Onkel_Urban
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Another epic review bro, keep up the good work


Thank you!
Appreciate that :slight_smile:


Again, you’ve convinced me to buy another deck. The Idle split ply I got in the mail today is awesome. Great packaging and good deck craftsmanship :+1:


Thank you! I appreciate that you take your Time to read what i write and think about stuff :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy the Deck :slight_smile:



Awesome review! definitely need to look into idle more, loving the shape! it’s like the oldschool BW shape