In need of trick tips!


Hi guys, so I’ve been fingerboarding since April this year and just to give an insight of what I’ve done and learnt already:

-shuvit/pop shuvit: just trying to elevate my pop shuvit a bit more to get those grinds/slides easier, otherwise not problem.

-ollie: no problems with an ollie anymore, consistent, only missing when I’m not concentrating, I’m working on a better style atm

-impossibles: was the trick I learnt after the ollie, I need to practice just a bit more, but no problem here

-kickflips: these have been taking awhile now and slowly but surely I’m getting there.

-> Now I’m a bit hesitant of what to train next, should I go for the nollie/fakie ride to get some variety in my riding or should I go for a treflip/heelflip/pressure flip/hardflip or what did you learn in the beginning?

-> Should I concentrate on one trick to perfect or just train several tricks at once?

-> Some tips on the nollie/fake ollies please and how long did it take until you got it?

Thank you in advance and I really appreciate any help! :v:


After i had kickflips down, i tried kickflip to manuals or 50:50 grinds, those where fun.

Learn varial flips, tre flips come fairly natural after that.

Maybe start with switch ollies and nollies, it’s a different hand movement but there should be some tutorials on YouTube!


Thanks for your reply, I’ll do my best to get more consistent in my kickflips and try varial flips in the meantime.

And little by little getting those fakie ollie and nollies


try frontside and backside 180 kickflips and afcourse 360 flip for shure