Introduce Yourself!


Hello guys, Im Dario from Italy, fingerboarding since 2006! FFI brings me back many memories! Big upp FFI!

This was my first video posted in FFI 11years ago


Hey guys my name is Jaylyn Milton, from Connecticut, I’ve been fingerboarding off and on for about 10 years. My favorite trick is any kind of impossible. I was once on ffi a little back in the day glad to see it back.


Hello everyone!
My name is Oliver from Sweden and ive been fingerboarding since 2016. You probably think i suck at it but i have putten alot of time in it and i would say im decent. Im not sponsored and has never been, even thoe i feel like i have a Chance of beeing sponsored. I have dropped a couple of edits on yt but nothing im PROUD of. Im workin on a part atm thoe. Just found this thru Brandon (Lakewood) and im hyped!!


My name is Nick Freeland. I live in Anacortes Washington. I have been fingerboarding since 2014. I Fingerboarded off and on and finally got into it more in 2015. My favorite setup would be a unique or sblmnl deck with brts, teak tuning, Chems FB tape, and oaks/joys. I haven’t been fingerboarding as long as most of you but I like to think I am decent and I hope to learn from the community! Also, my favorite trick is a big heel!


Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Curtis. I started fingerboarding in 2008 and joined the original FFI a few months before they opened registration for the first time. I think Warren is the one that got me on lol. I can’t believe its been 10 years already! Wow. I am 22 years old from Portland, Oregon. Some of you may know me from YouTube, but now I spend most of my time and energy running Unique Decks. It’s crazy how a hobby has turned into my full time job. Fingerboarding is definitely the best. It has changed so much since forums were last popular, so I’m excited to catch up with people again. Its great to be back on FFI :slight_smile:


You and sblmnl make my favorite decks!


thanks! binh is the homie :slight_smile:


Hey everybody ! Braedon here, owner of the tiny Canadian company Trippy Hippy Decks. :heart:️ I’ve been fingerboarding since the early 2000’s but after an insanely long break I came back to it around 2016. Basically started fresh as I was blown away by the progression of boards. I was always happy with a 26mm Tech Deck in the back of social studies class haha. Technology was never really my thing so I never was blessed enough to find this forum way back when. Thrilled to be apart of this community and excited to form and grow everlasting friendships through a shared passion for miniature skateboards. Peace and positivety to you all. :heart:


This is lionel here. I am a big collector since 2015 and I am really happy to ba a part of this community!


What’s up everybody! My name is Grant and I’ve been fingerboarding since 2008. I was never involved with FFI in the past, but I’m stoked to be able to be part of it now! It’s crazy that fingerboarding is still growing so much. I ride for Redemption, Cartwheels, and Clean Tape. Nice to meet you all even though I already know some of you haha


Damn this is crazy haven’t been on ffi in a while this is dope. Anyways for those who don’t know me my name is Chris (some call me chetty) and I run stacked.:slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I’m Jared, I’ve been fbing for something like 7 years. I wasn’t on the original FFI that much back in those days because I had forgotten my password at the time and it was impossible to get new accounts and register lol. Anyway, I own Sponsor Me Tape and if you want to see my personal fb insta that’s @stezyfingers. Super pumped to see this place come back! Cheers!


Yo guys! So stoked to have a forum for fingerboarding again. My name is Vlad and I own Catfishbbq fingerboards! I’m 19 years old and live in Costa Mesa, CA. Can’t wait to see all sorts of neat stuff come from this forum!


Yoo my name is Nick (durk McGurk on IG). Been fingerboarding for over 15 years.
I owned Magnum Bushings, the first company to offer top and bottom bushings for fingerboards.

I used to be an FFI junkie and a very much so part of the scene.

I (believe) I hosted the first event in CA on a Black River Park.

I fell out of the scene due to some crazy life changes and whatnot.

I just stepped back into the scene maybe a month ago.


Yo whats good to all the people of the FB world! Happy to hear this is back up and running, used to be great! TrapDecks is two main guys, Justin and Matt. Just been homies fnigerboarding for a long time. Been a bit dormant recently but will have mucho content back up this year! Long live youtube and FFI!

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Hello. Im Nate, or diesel. Im from michigan. Im here because i like fingerboarding.


Hi there. My name is Burt. I am the man behind Five Luck here in Canada. I live a very simple, primitive life, living and creating in a tiny cabin in the wilderness. I am not very skilled at forums and such but really look forward to the revival of FFI and hope to be able to contribute as much as I can. I started fingerboarding long before the tech deck came along. I spent many years skating and was on my 2nd set of knee surgeries before many of you were born. LOL I have a deep love for fingerboarding, It has helped me deal with depression for a long time. I look forward to meeting more of you who love fingerboarding as much as I do. XOXO




I know you!


Hi my name is Kevin, im sponsorped by idle and you can check me out on ig @ comb.jelly