Introduce Yourself!


My name is Shiyaw Kadir
I have been fingerboarding since 2013 and ive been fingerboarding for 5 years right know i’m 13 years old im rocking a sblmnl.fb with blackriver trucks and winkler wheels plus pineapple bushings!! Im from Netherlands :wink:


Hey everyone! My name’s Aaryn and I started learning how to fingerboard in 2017. Been skateboarding for a while so I used my fingerboard as a stress reliever/time killer when the weather wasn’t favorable to skate. I have much love for this community and want to continue progressing!


Hey everyone :v:t4:

Im Noah and live in the south of Bavaria. Im fingerboarding since I guess 2008. In my Area I`m the only fingerboarder since I’ve started so if anyone lives in Bavaria just contact me im open for new fingerboard contacts :grin: My favorite tricks are sw flips and Tre flips
cheers and a great day to y’all :wave:t4:


Hello! My name is Dan and I live in australia :australia:

I have been fingerboarding since late 2015 to early 2016, and my favourite trick is…hmmm probably a nollie flip. I am sponsored by Oblivious fingerboards, check them out on Instagram (@obliviousfingerboards) you can also find me on Instagram (@polarfb)


What’s up guys I’m Jamie , you may know me from Instagram or YouTube where I have been a fb member since 2011


Yo! I’m Sebastian aka @fingertonfb on instagram. I had a tech deck since 2011-2015 u know the old ones without concave and were 29mm. I got a berlinwood mid January 2018 and I’ve been shredding constantly since. I knew how to Ollie and 360 flip from the tech deck but learned kickflip quite quickly. I’m from Sweden and don’t know anyone fingerboarding so this is totally new to me!


Whats up fam, Jack M here from the old FFI days. So happy this place is back up and running! Cant wait to discuss fingerboarding and life with you guys!


Hi my names Juan I’m from California, I started fingerboaring in 2009 but quit for some reason, recently got back into it in October of last year and I’m obsessed with it now!


Instagram? Också svensk


Whats up guys I’m Pat from Boston. I started fingerboarding in 2011 stopped for a few years and just got back into about a year ago. My old youtube is fingerbro999 if anyone remembers me haha. Check me out on instagram @pta.fb


Hey guys, my name is Jacob and I’m from Toronto. I started fingerboarding ~2010 but stopped in high school. Just started back a few weeks ago. I used to browse the original FFI years ago so it’s super sick to see this place return so quickly after I got back into it.


Hello everyone! Im Geo! Started fingerboarding when i broke my right(writing) arm back in 07,08ish cant really remember. But been hooked ever since. Never go anywhere with out my set up in my pocket. My IG is @geosrandomshit. Im not realy very well known in the scene. I did win a video part contest for joycult when it started up,but other than that im fairly low key posting clips here and there. I did just drop a lengthy street part thats im quite hype on. If anyone feels like watching a Fingerboarding video that takes you back to the holden days of youtube parts,please, take a sec and check it out.

Gone Fingerboarding Vol. 1


Hi everyone!

I’m Manel from Barcelona! I have 21 years old and I started fingerboarding in 2007, i take a long break in 2011 until 2017! And i’m “re-learning” all tricks again, it’s super fun!!! I loveeee make crazy edits if u wanna know me more my instagram is @lenam.fb !

Thanks and welcome to everyone!


@fingertonfb only been riding for little over a month though so don’t be expecting the best of the best :stuck_out_tongue:


hey i’m ross, i’m 23, and i’ve been fingerboarding since around 2006. i joined the original ffi in 2007, but haven’t been too involved in the instagram scene. i’m still on the flatface team despite being inactive for a bit so that’s pretty cool. it’s super nice to be on ffi again!


Yo guys

I’m Lewis, I’m 22, and I’m from a little island off the south coast of England.

I’m a lefty, been fb’ing for around a year and a half. Currently just using a Wush blem deck with BRT’s and Oak RV2’s. Favourite trick’s definitely gotta be the Tré, mainly as it’s the only trick I’ve properly nailed.

Big ups to Doom.FB on Insta, that boy’s my rock.

Follow me on Insta @Lew.FB

Hopefully this forum re-engergises the FB community!


Hi everyone
I am Shepherd.i am 32 year old fingerboarder and familly man with wife and two boys.
I fingerboard since 2002 and i just love this game.i love that fingerboarding is moving fast with quality and profesionalism.i just love everything about riding skate with fingers.peace and god bless u all.


Hello! My name is Adam and I’m a bit new to the modern fingerboarding scene. I used to ride most when Tech Decks first came out and I was instantly hooked from the start. I couldn’t believe how cool it was to have a mini skateboard that I could customize and bring to school. It filled the hole in my heart from not being able to skate during class and on bad weather days, but I slowly lost interest in it and stopped riding after leaving for college.

I discovered what modern fingerboarding was about a year ago and after indulging on my first real professional setup, I seriously felt like a kid again. I never would have thought I’d experience that nostalgic, child-like feeling from when I bought my first Tech Deck. Now for the past year, I’ve been collecting parts from companies all over the world and I’m so impressed by the passion and innovation from everyone in this community. I’m very glad to now be a part of it!


Amen to this - any form of skateboarding is like medicine : )


I appreciate all the posts guys - You all rock! I’m loving the energy :grin::grin: