Introduce Yourself!


How old are you dude?


Sup guys,
I’m Merlijn. I am 16 years old
I used to play with tech deck back in those days, but when I went to secondary school I lost interest, because of gaming. Around 2 months ago I was watching some skateboard video’s (I used to skateboard as well) and then I saw a recommendation for a fingerboard video, then I watched a whole lot of em, searched threw everything and found an old tech deck. I tried doing some tricks, and it was a lot of fun. So at that point I thought, why not get a little more professional about this. Did a lot of research to find a complete which isn’t around $100, and found broken knuckle :). Now I’ve been fingerboarding for around 5 weeks and I freaking love it, also I really enjoy the community :slight_smile:
This is getting to long😂
Ty for reading.


Awesome dude I live in the Netherlands as well :smiley:


Sick man !!! The community is great


Hey guys, my name is Thomas. I’ve been finger-boarding for the better part of 10 years. I was on the old FFI under a bunch of different names. I’m glad FFI is back, and certainly hope it stays.

I have an instagram @phat_kittens and run a small company @rottencuticles. However a lot of my fingerboarding interactions are made at vous every year.


Hey I’m Jess, from Western Australia.
I’ve been playing with tech decks since 2010 or earlier, but only picked up proper fingerboarding about early 2017. I own OATH!fb which I’m spending time working on and perfecting. My favourite trick is a fakie backside flip. Can’t wait to chat with you all!


yo wassup!
I’m Denis, from the beautiful center of Germany and started Fingerboarding in 2008 or 2009.
After a long break I came back early 2017…
well… here I am!
On Instagram you may know me as @skrtfb

let’s have a great time of fingerboarding and become bigger and bigger!



Hi im Noah aka @ristbrace on insta, im 17, been fingerboarding for 6 1/2 years. I ride for Unique Decks. I was a member of fbhq a long time back. It’s cool to see ffi come back and im stoked to talk to everyone!


i’m jackson, been fingerboarding since 07 but have been off and on the last couple years. i think my username on old ffi and fbhq was also jackson, so if you remember that, whats up. been meaning to grab a complete from flat face recently to try and get back into things. i heard todd is coming back? nocomply4life.


I’m Justin, and I live in a small town in Michigan

I’ve been messing around with fingerboards since 2015, but I really got into it about January of last year. My favorite trick is a switch bigflip (in my opinion, you can’t beat the feel of a clean switch bigflip). I started actually being active in the community on March 10th, and I’ve been welcomed from the start. Im super excited to see that FFI is back up and running, and decided this would be the prime time to actually get involved. Can’t wait to see what discussions we can bring in!


What’s good y’all
My name is Chris, bout 15 and I live on the east coast
Fingerboarding has a special place for me cuz it helped me when I moved from FL about a year and a half ago, We didn’t have any tv or video games setup for a while so I decided to learn to fb, and i also didn’t really have any friends for the first couple of months living here. Been fb’n since may 2016 but look forward to many years of chilling with the community


I’m Matt. I am 28 years and I’m from NJ. I’ve been fingerboarding for only about 4 years. I was active on FingerboardHQ, but unfortunately I never got to experience the prime days of FFI. I’m excited to see an active forum again. Insta is way too impersonal. Also, I make decks under the name Witness Fingerboards. I’m into punk/hardcore and horror movies. I love hockey too.


Hey everyone :wave:t4:
I’m Eduardo @itsdisco on Instagram. I live in Savannah, US. 27yo, started fingerboarding when I was but a wee lad but stopped for a few years due to tendonitis complications and life I guess. During my “prime”(ugh) I was living in Argentina and dare I say contribute somewhat to the rise of fingerboarding over there, I wasn’t too active on FFI before, posted a video here and there but mostly a lurker, although I was a mod in the Argentinian forums and a frequent user in the Spanish one.
Never been too fond of social media so I was unaware on the whole Instagram boom until around October of last year, picked up a setup and have been loving every second of it since then, though gram is too hectic at times.

I’m really glad FFI is back up and running, I actually checked before and looked like the domain expired. I’m looking forward to be more involved this time around and get to know a lot of you.


Hey everyone, my name is Christian, I’m a 21 year old fingerboarder living in southern california. My main passion is making large abstract paintings, but I’ve also been skateboarding for 14 years and fingerboarding for 8 years. Looking forward to nerding out on fingerboarding with all of you.


Hey y’all! I’m Jay, @stress.builds_character.fb420 on Insta. I’m 21 and I live in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been skateboarding since I was 7, but I’ve only been fingerboarding for the last 8 months or so. Instantly I was hooked and I’ve been learning and progressing ever since. Super stoked on how nice and supportive the community is! Big ups to @McFiver for being the first deck I bought and being the coolest ever :sparkles::sparkling_heart: Looking forward to meeting more of you :blush:


Dude! One of my favorites. Good to see you on here too.


In November I started writing my age with a 4 as the first digit👊


Thanks brotha, you too.


Ello guys I’m Sean or skatemaster231 from FBHQ.

I started fingerboarding in 2011 and didn’t follow the online scene until mid 2013. I used to be sponsored by Skate Candy but then they went under. Glad FFI is running again, hopefully, forums make a comeback this year.


What’s up everyone,
My name is Dylan (@doefb) on instagram. I am 22 years old, I have been fingerboarding since late 2008 but always had a tech deck around since a little kid. Crazy to see the changes with in the fingerboard community throughout the years but none the less always happy to see new companies come into place and make fingerboarding what it is to this day. Let the nostalgic memories roll on in to you OG’s out there.