Introduce Yourself!


I hope your name is a Dystopia reference


Hey guys,
My names Cory Z, on Instagram. I’m 31 years old. Been fingerboarding since 1999. Was never truly active in the online fingerboard scene until about a year ago. Stoked to have recently got picked up by @Witnessfingerboards, which I see he’s already introduced himself. I’m from Pennsylvania, USA. Married for 3 years and have 2 children. I’m excited to be involved in this online community, FFI.

-Cory Z


You got it :sparkles::wink:


Nice man. I’m 30.


Awesome part brother. Glad to meet you.


Skate candy decks were real beauties. I may still have one around.


Hey Guys,
I am Mathew,I started fingerboarding in 2012. I am 16 yrs old and I live in the Philppines


Hi everyone!
I’m Tony (@dr.fingersk8 on IG). First started fingerboarding with tech decks in the early 2000s. I started fingerboarding again with a passion about a year ago after finding one of my old tech decks and trying out my first set up with a wood deck and bearing wheels. This is my first time on FFI but really stoked to have an online home outside of IG for fingerboarding. Looking forward to meeting and chatting with you all. Cheers!


what’s up guys, name’s Nick Hunt, mostly known as @ifingerboardalot from instagram, been fingerboarding since 2009 ish (whenever those sick tech deck tutorials came out) and I am currently sponsored by Lakewood Fingerboards, FFI was so cool back in the day and I’m so glad it’s back, welcome back friends!


What’s up everyone,
My name is Moe (@northwest.fb) on Instagram, I’m 21 years old and have been fingerboarding since around 2007, got my first “professional” setup in 2009 (OG berlinwood new mold, brt’s, and ff wheels), up until that point fingerboarding for me was kind of just playing around with friends and seeing what we could do, but once I started watching videos on YouTube from people like Mike Schneider, Gary Chin, and Harold it completely opened my eyes that it was way more than that, so since then I have pretty much never left my house without a fingerboard since you never know what kind of crazy street spots you’ll come across. Now days I do quite a bit of collecting of fingerboard gear but mostly stick to riding one set up (currently 33mm woob cozy, 32mm brt’s, and white oak rv2v’s) to keep my tricks consistent. Not currently sponsored by anyone but that really doesn’t bother me, I do it for the love of the hobby and will continue to do so. That pretty much wraps it up for my back story


Hello everyone!
My name is Ben and I make idle stuff! I have heard about the good old days and wished I hadn’t missed out on them. I am super pumped this place is back and open to people again. Can’t wait to see what everyone shares!


Hey everyone! My name is Adonis (aka fingerkoala).

I have been fingerboarding on off for about 8 years, but have been very engaged in it for the last year. My favorite tricks are 360 shoveits, and nollie flips. I just learned nollie heels, so maybe that will take over my fave trick soon.

I was not on FFI back in the day, but now that I am, I look forward to talking fingerboarding :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey I´m Leo from Cottbus Brandenburg, south from Berlin.
I lived my hole life in Berlin and moved to Cottbus to study civil engineering.
coincidentally I am not the only fingerboarder in Cottbus, we also went to the Asi Berlin shop fore a session. When I have time and my Fingerboardpark is not a messe do it a lot. I started fingerboarding approximately 8 years ago, but nó one knows.
I am excited to see some nice stuff and get some inspirations. :smiley:


Yo, Im Jaytee, aka @yourfriendfromthatonetime
Glad to be a part of the community. Been fingerboarding for the better part of a year now, and am learning fast. Not currently sponsored, not too worried about it. It would be nice, but Im not going to jump on whatwber opportunity pops up.

Get at me of you are going to be in my area, Id love to sesh/collab.


Hi everyone!

My name is Kenneth, im 30 years old from Belgium.
I started fingerboarding with tech decks all the way back in 2001 (yes, gen1 teck decks) :stuck_out_tongue:
I bought my first berlinwood classic 29mm complete back in 2010-2011. Kinda lost intrest but fingerboard was always on my desk so i didnt stop. Found my real love for it back again last year since i decided i need a new hobby and i started making decks.

Hope to get more involved in the scene and learn some new stuff here and there


Yo, Ben Winship here, been around since about 2002 or so, some of you will probably remember me.


Rafe Squidd - New to the FB community but not a kid. Sesh with a group, ‘Dos Dedos’, in Melburn Australia.

Beginning to 3d print obstacles and ramps, gunna call it all “Actual size” fingerboard stuff. . .


Hey I remember you




Hey folks,

this is martinB. aka dermordinhimself aka Martin @ fingerboardTV.

Fingerboarding since ever, started fingerboardTV some more years ago to give something back to the community and the site is still running.

I´m just in love with fingerboarding.