Introduce Yourself!



You’re the man Martin!!


Hey guys! My name is Dylan and @stoonfb on instagram. I’ve been finger boarding for about two years now and have just recently (last 6 monthsish) have really gotten into the scene. I’ve skateboarded and snowboarded all my life and found fingerboarding to be an amazing way to board if the weather was bad or I was hurt. I’ve put two little edits up on instagram if you guys want to check them out! Really great to have a place like this to talk all things fingerboarding!


I’m Xavier @m1n1sk8 on IG. I live in Gainesville, Georgia. We NEED more fbers out here. hmu if u in GA


Sup people, I’m Jacob Piller. Been fingerboarding for 18 years now and I’m stoked to see FFI back up and running.

I love to do odd and tech tricks. For example impossible to one finger FS Noseblunt FS flip out.

Great to see new and old faces around here.


What’s good everyone! I’m Anthony, fb_nyc on Instagram. I’m from New York City, so all you NYC folks hit me up! Let’s chill! Been fingerboarding for 11-12 years, recently back to the scene though after about 7-8 years and hyped to see FFI back up and running as well. I guess I ended my haitus at the right time haha. I ride for Grimey Deck Co and one of my go to tricks i’d have to say would be nollie flip front tail ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Started fbing back in 08 … remember back in the day this was like the secret society for fbing lol never had an account here in the past but excited to join now . I’ve been grindin pretty hard on insta the past year and met a lot of awesome people and gained a ton of inspiration from other fbers and companies . I’m sponsored by Maze , Theory , and Redwolf and in the process of making my first stock for my company called CH3F . Would love to talk and chat with all of you HmU yooooo :kissing_heart:


Greetings everyone!

I’m Grayson im 20 years old from Bethlehem Pennsylvania, I’ve been fingerboarding since i could understand the concept. My goal is too go to a couple events and meet some of you wonderful people. glad to see so many people on here, stay up!


yo whats up man!


Hey everyone! I’m Jeremy from California! From LA, but I go to school in Santa Cruz. Used to techdeck in elementary school, picked up skateboarding, found a techdeck again in 2015, my senior year of high school and got back into it! It’s been almost three years since, and I just keep having more and more fun! I love building my own obstacles, especially out of concrete and wood. You can find me on Instagram @crampedfinger where I’ve been active for two years now! Current favorite set ups are a besour blank on undead fvcker trucks and redemption wheels and an idle splitply on dynamics and armkandy recycled Powell peraltas. Favorite trick is backside kickflip and impossibles! Looking forward to using ffi, and learning some fb history, especially not having been around in the good old days that I hear so much about!


Name’s Cory, Living where y’all vacation :wink: in Sunny Florida.
Been fingerboarding for a few years now, Ain’t any good but it passes the time well. Hoping to get to know a couple of y’all around here.


What up Jackson, it’s good to see you again!


Hey guys my name is Garry, known as The7thFingerboarder in Instagram. Im now 20yo and im from the Philippines but grew in Spain. I had my first plastic Coca Cola fingerboard when i was 4 or 5 years old, but started with the Tech Decks in 2010. Then i got my first wooden fb, which was from a spanish company named LCS, that made decks with the 2nd and 4th ply being fiberglass. I got my first Berlinwood in 2011 and really started shredding. Those were different times in the fb industry. By 2013 i left it cuz of other interests.
Until one day, on October 2017 i was scrolling down IG and saw these two people figerboarding like pros. They were @tolafe_fb and @fingerbroder and because of them they ignited the ashes of the passion for fingerboarding. And here i am, loving the fb community and very happy to be a part of this.


hello everyone,
my names dan im from upstate NY near albany… u can check me out on ig @fns.fb


My name is Tom. I’m a skater and FBer from Ct.


That’s so cool!!! I had absolutely no idea that u lived in Portland I actually live in Vancouver if u ever wanna hangout and fingerboard I’m 100% down


Hi! My names Taguen smith (Tay-Gen 99.9% of people mid pronounce my name) I’m 15 years old I’ve been fingerboading sonce 2014 and I live in Vancouver Washington I’m currently rocking a wicked fb deck with rip tape black baseplate and teak tuning with oak rv2 light link wheels!


My Name is Kokok from Indonesia,
Start fb-ing at the age of 23 and it’s been a wonderful 5 years.
I also owned HJR FIngerboards, you can find out more about this in instagram @hjrfb
I hope that i could meet one of you in person and have a session together


Wassup guys, I’m ikaia (e-kai-ah) or @whos_kai on insta. I’m 20 years old and I’m born and raised in Hawaii. I just got into fingerboarding heavy probably about 1 month ago and still progressing. The fingerboard community seem like an amazing place filled with awesome people! I’ll be seeing you guys around!


Rafe’s the fearless leader of our Melbourne crew :star_struck:


Your Intro is pure gold hahahahahaha