Introduce Yourself!


Hey all,

I’m Simon. I think I was more or less on FFI from the very start and have always tried to be a part of this scene in some way, shape or form.

I now run Cartwheels ( ) and have been for a couple of years.



My Name is Francisco but everybody calls me Chico.
I’ve been into fingerboard for 18years now.
I’m originally from Brazil but I moved to Melbourne - Australia about 10 years ago and I’m about to become Australian for good.

I started to skate around December of 1999 and a friend introduced me to fingerboarding around Jan/Feb of 2000 and I never stopped since.

Although I’ve been a fingerboarder for a long time I was never part of the scene, the forums or anything else. For me fingerboarding was always an extension of my love for skateboard.

Back in Brazil (10 years ago) I use to go fingerboarding with my best friend Carlos and the both of us still sesh together every time I go back home to visit family, etc.
Carlos is a dentist and apart from being one of the best fingerboarders I’ve ever seen he use to modify tech deck parts with his dentistry tools so we could improve a bit the quality of the parts we used.

While Carlos was busy creating better fingerboard parts I would be making some serious cardboard parks. (I hope to restore one day a hard drive I have which stopped working which has a full part of me back in the days plus some footage and photos of the park which I would love to share one day if I can restore the data).

About 1 year ago I joined Double Digits on facebook and I met Ammon and Ziggy.
At this stage Ammon and Ziggy showed me their proper setups but I preferred to stick with Tech Decks because after 17 years the move to a proper fingerboard for me was too hard - they felt too big and strange specially the foam tape.

Later on I met Davo and further I met Rafe who had a 29mm setup with skate grip tape which I tried and felt in love right away and that’s when the move from TD to professional fingerboarding happened to me - yes a bit longer then 7months.

By engaging with the Australian fingerboarding community I meet some incredible people such as Matt Piper, Jye from Dislocation, Jono Person, Steve Neztek, Brendan Low, Morgan An, Josh Rocky, Mark Pullen, Aaron Drayton, Brendt Webber.

The Melbourne crew (Ammong, Ziggy, Davo, Rafe and myself) catch up very regularly to sesh.

My passion for building parks is still active but now I use some prime materials to build it.
I’ve been working on a new park and I expect to finish it this year.
My park park current status: section 1 of 3 complete.

Should you ever come down to Melbourne let us know.


hell yeah Chico, you may not have been part of the scene but you’re mega OG in my mind :facepunch:


Yo! What’s up everyone?
I’m Rui Neves, a fingerboarder from the interior north of Portugal. I started fingerboarding around the same time I started skateboarding which was 12 years ago, mostly doing it alone and by youtube tutorial (shoutout to every single one of you who made them!!) until in 2002 when I came across a portuguese forum that was called FBPT, and that introduce me to all this crazy world. I’m thankful that I found this little wooden board because due to it, I got to meet such incredible people. I’m kind of a lurker that doesn’t film that much, I prefer real life sessions or meet ups.
Whenever in Portugal, let’s meet up, shred some of the outdoor spots that we have here and crack a few beers open!
Shout out for making this forum happening again


Hey my name is jeremiah, im from Western NC. just got back into fingerboarding about a year and a half ago. Would love to meet some people in the NC/SC/TN/GA/VA area thats into FB as much as i am! Glad we have another place to talk anything and everything fingerboard related!!! much love to all. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
my name is Oliver Blankenburg but some of you might actually know me as the Fingerboard Hooligan. I’m fingerboarding since around 2001 and it has been a big part of my life ever since. Thank you blackriver, Berlin Wood and WRKTGS for supporting me. And yeah, I’m just happy to be here really.


Dude! I always loved seeing the rare clips you’d put out.


Thanks dude! That means a lot!



Hey, I‘m tristan aka @baboomt from hamburg germany. You may know me from instagram. I had my first contact with fingerboarding back in the 90‘s but the real passion catched me about 3 years ago. I am used to ride my fingerboard after office to get my head free and I love to build all kinds of different setups. Nice to meet you!


I always remember you at FFI, Simon. Sometimes MIA but you would always come back hyped :+1:



thanks heaps mate


Hi all,

I’m Ryan, from New Zealand. Been fingerboarding since 95. Made my own decks back then before fingerboards were a thing. Been fingerboarding on and off since then. Mainly as an outlet when I couldn’t skate.
Knees aren’t what they used to be, damaged them in the military, so can’t skate much anymore, fingerboarding is my thing. I’m not the greatest, but I do enjoy it, therefore my username.
I use to be a pilot and still work in the aviation industry. That about sums me up.
Have a bit of a collection going, feel free to ask about products, I’ve tried a lot. My instagram is

Glad FFI is back up and running.

Thanks for reading,

Enjoy Fingerboarding


Hi there,
my name is Kai from Galaxy of Flowers Fingerboards. I love making & painting these boards, so thats what i do :wink: . I am from around Hamburg in Germany & was happy to help hosting two fingerbaording events in 2017. We are actually working hard to get the next event going on the 24th of may 2018. So wath out hard for “Skate your Fingers”!



I‘m Zachary (@van.fb on IG) from Rochester, NY. I grew up skateboarding and got into Fingerboards in the late 90s. Never really invested until a few years ago - up until then I would just mess with one at my desk/work. Catch me at Vous sporting a fanny pack and a beer.


Hey Everyone! My name is Ryan (@fangerboard on IG), I’ve been fingerboarding since around 1997… my “skillz” don’t really show it… but the tricks I can do, I’m extremely consistent and clean with. I do fingerboard all the time, but I feel that I am more of a collector/hoarder. Lol
I’m one of the “old guys” in fingerboarding at this point… (just turned 30) :stuck_out_tongue:
I am in a metal band, and spend a lot of time on the road and on tours/festivals when I’m not working. I consider fingerboarding my escape from all of that, and cant think of a better way to spend what little downtime i have!
So glad to see FFI make a comeback! The scene has changed soooo much from back in the day


Hey everyone, My name is Jon. I have fingerboarded on and off since tech decks came out. Never was really big into it until have I have gotten older, fatter and less real skate worthy through time, injury and other things. I am new too the instagram thing and still figuring it out. I have no sponsors because I have no style lol. Also I haven’t really done anything for the community. I love fingerboarding though and I try to support smaller companies. If you want to look at my IG here it is. You dont have to follow but just putting it out there.


Hello, I’m Zone Tape. 21 years old, based out of Pacific Northwest. Been fingerboarding off and on for about 10 years now. Instagram: @ZoneTape


Hey everyone!
You might know me! Its ya boi Onkel Urban!
I live in the Cool and Hip berlin, Germany.
I do this Fingerboarding thing since quite a while(2009).
My Fav. Tricks are Treflips and Varial Flips.
Feel free to ask what ever you wana know!
Support the Scene!


hey guys!

I’m Sandra, 29, from Hamburg, Germany. I love fingerboarding, street art, sewing and DIY stuff and I like to combine these things. Maybe you know me from Instagram.

One year ago @baboomt asked me if I could sew him a couch for his spot. So I tried the first time to sew a fingerboard couch.


You’re couches are cool! :sunglasses: