Joycult 60D vs Oak


Which are better? I want to get one of them but don’t know which. Please help and recomend!!


Depends on the grip and squeal you want. Joy 60D is way gripper and squeals like a pig, oaks are a bit harder and don’t squeal as much. Both are great wheels though, so it just depends on your preference


Oak for quality control, Joycult for hype.


The new joys (with updated bearings) are super smooth like flatface wheels. Oaks feel a bit rougher because they have the mucho feeling. ;D Both are grippy, squeaky and awesome.


Another thing: And the diffrenece between oak RV2 and RV2V is?


just the shape


How, and what do you think is better to get?

  • Joycult 60d
  • Oak

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I actually think my Oak RV2s are way grippier than my 60Ds


There is no better. Both are pro wheels. Get those which are available and have fun. :slight_smile:


My oak Rv2s might just be too old… they slide like plastic at this point


Oak rv2v are definitely the best choice. That is if your talking about the new joycults, many customers are extremely disappointed in the quality of the new joycults wheels. If your gonna go with joycult try and snag an og set off someone on Instagram. Oak is the better in my opinion, just saying.


I’m only rocking old joys. I even have the very first set he ever made… the prototypes. Lol I haven’t gotten the new ones yet… MAINLY because they keep dropping at inconvenient times for me… but also more largely because I’m waiting for all the kinks and issues to be worked out. I’m definitely very happy with my RV2Vs though. They look and feel amazing


Mucho Feeling :sunglasses:


HA! Thats awesome.