Kickflip from upper rail to "Japanese" ;] setup two rails


The upper rail is from my frend,the rails are setuped in this position so it can be preety hard to obtain while grinding…
So the Trick was a kickflip from upper rail to this setup and I land it in like 5 minutes…

  1. ‎may ‎2018 - ‏‎23:14:36


“Ballon Bong” fingerboard 30 mm - Oak mini acid green wheels


Sorry, but I’m totally confused about this post.


i am also confused


Explain me why are you confused?
But the point is not to be confused but its the hard one setup,for the trick I did - u have the explanation - do you dudes need a video of this? I can do in a while if you are interested?


I think you still have not understood how this forum works because you open for each photo what you post a new topic and does not use the existing threads. That’s why most of your posts are also deleted because it messes up everything here. Ask a moderator if you do not know how this forum works or just read through everything. is not difficult. :v:t2:


Okay Sandra i think you are right obout it,can you explain me where to post something i wanna show as a setup or something that i like to share,photo video etc…?
Btw i like your instagram so much - your style concept of photography is so awesome :ok_hand::v:


Btw this perfect round rail was stolen from me in Amsterdam :face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused::unamused: