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Hey Forum,

Bushings, weird topic - I know. Back in 2009 or 2010 nobody would actually believe that companies do bushings for fingerboard trucks and so did I. Well, now it’s pretty normal to use different bushings since it somehow blew up to ride super soft, medium or hard. I think it’s a bit weird to review bushings because everybody’s taste is different. For example, I like super soft bushings, that’s why I was or still am sponsored by „Southsoft Bushings" but that’s another topic.

Level Up“ hit me up and send me a few sets of his „Level Up bushings“.

Bushings huh? Yep bushings.
Bushings for actually all current trucks, even for „Y-Trucks“.

So you know me, I tested these bushings for quite a while.
The packaging is basic, nothing special at all, but totally works for the purpose.
The first peek out of the zip bag ( -.- ZIPPPP BAGG ALERT!!! ) was nice, they look sturdy and clean. No tiny leftovers from pouring of something, just clean and a bit glossy.
Colors are bright and mixed. Solid colors no swirls shizzle (honestly I don’t really like the swirl shizzle).

When you hold the bushings in your hand they feel thicccccccc and firm.
I threw a set onto my „TDLB-Trucks“ and onto a set of „Y-Trucks“.
Guys, that changed my life, honestly. I’m truly impressed with how much these bushings actually increased my way of riding with „Y-Trucks" and „TDLB-Trucks“, srsly.
We´ve got a nice pushback and the bushings stay right in place whatever you do.
They are not to soft, I would say they are medium soft.
Duration is on point. Some bushings break after a while. Im not so sure when I got the „Level Up Bushings“ but I am still using them today and they are just good as they were on the first day.

Overall, I am happy with the bushings, even though I like it softer. Thanks again to @Levelup for hooking me up, absolutely appreciate that and thank you guys for reading!
Support fingerboarding and keep on shredding my guys! (s/o @vicious274 )

Check Level Up Bushings on :
►Instagram: @levelupfingerboards
►Webshop: https://levelupfingerboards.bigcartel.com

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!

Cheers guys,

Onkel Urban
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Bro, as always, another epic review.


I ride beta bushing both on my YT and BRT and they both are amazing, and in my opinion they are the best looking bushing right now, the craftsmanship is really good.


totally agree


I’ll jump on the wagon, love these bushings as well! Just scooped a few sets a couple weeks back and have not looked back haha

No tears, even holes, seem to be quite durable…other bushings have a lot to try to beat


Good review. The only bushings that I use. Whenever I order new pair of trucks I go to level up site and order a pair or 2 of these bushings as well. Always get hooked up with cool vinyl stickers too. @Onkel_Urban, i always knew you liked it soft :smile:


Nice. They look a lot more like skateboard bushings than the rest.


hahaha :smiley:
Well yes :smiley: I like it soft you know hahaha