Mail call


I haven’t see this thread yet, so I’ll get it going with what I just got in the mail. What did you get in the mail?

Got 3 sets of LSD real Skateboard Urethane wheels, some winkler big daddy Z’s, and some FlatFace teal swirls. It was a good day yesterday.


Nice mail day bro and epic thread, was thinking a mail day thread was needed :trophy:


Just got this in today


today came my first bonk :raised_hands:t2:


@fingerboardcouch that’s awesome, I’m waiting for my first order from bonk, can’t wait to see what it is.


I want some LSDs so bad. Hopefully his D&D goes by quickly for the bearing lock he is looking for


My second @Arty1fb trash barrel came today! So incredible. You guys need to message him on Instagram and order yours today!


Omg :open_mouth: that’s amazing. I want one so bad, just wish shipping wasn’t a killer


I got my delayed Chubz Bushings package today. :smile:
After apologizing for his fault he send the package with my order.
Can’t wait to test these :blush:


Epic board rack from @chemsfb. This thing is insane. Perfect place for some of my spare decks.
Thanks for helping with the shipping bro and for the free tape, super epic, can’t wait to try the new formula.


So sick! I can’t wait for mine to come with my logo on the header. :fire::ok_hand:t2::grimacing:


It’s gonna be porn bro


What?! I thought LSD wheels were not for sale!


There’s no website to buy them from. Just DM him and he’ll take care of you.


Dynamic boardrails arrived


I know this are just boardrails and I really like them but find the packaging and how it is sent is very loveless. :neutral_face:


I know exactly what you mean and was thinking the exact same thing when I opened them. It’s amazing how much a few stickers and/or a a little note or a smiley face means to the consumer.


I just got two sets of dynamic trucks the other day, and they didn’t come with the wings stickers anymore. A slight bump in the road, but it’s whatever. The trucks are functional.


It’s funny that you guys mention this. I just got an order from Flatface the other day, and thought about how much goes into the design and production of packaging and stickers. In my opinion skipping that stuff could help keep cost down.


Just got this beautiful bean footage from @McFiver !!!
Both tech 5 Blade standard shapes. One more on the way as well!