Mail call




I got this epic ramp made by @sgt_fingers for his 800 followers giveaway on insta. Such an epic person and fellow ex-serviceman.


Wow them middle plies look insane, like candy :astonished:


New FF Jay Wheels arrived :blush:


Latest addition to my Flint collection


Newest ema ramps rails showed up today! Great quality!


Got my cowply deck in today, just waiting on Oaks and BRTs to show from FBS!


Haha that sucks man. Maybe email flatface and they will take care of you


That deck is beautiful!


Thanks dude!


Got some joys in today :ok_hand:t2: He threw in some silver locknuts, surprised at how much more I actually liked them once I put them on!


Pussy Fingerboards hand painted deck
Colored grip + rubber grip (rubber!!!)


From a trade: stacked 33.3mm, tdlbs, sulit wheels


looks interesting. did you buy it from some shop or did you find it yourself?


Got it from a shop called Rave Grips. You can find them on Instagram @rave_grips


One of the better mail days I’ve had in a while! Haha